Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am I a walking sickness?

Well it has been awhile since my last post, I had a bit of a relapse in being sick. I haven't been doing to well since the beginning of October. I thought I was getting better, but I guess I was wrong.

I had previously posted about going to Virginia to see my sister and her family-well when I returned home I had to go back to work the next day, Wednesday, October 8. That was when the headache started. It was painful but not the worst. It continued on and through the next day while at work and come Thursday night I was in complete pain. The worst migraine of my life and I couldn't move my neck. Nothing was helping and I thought my head would explode.

Well Friday I stayed in bed and did nothing but sleep or stare at the back of my eyelids. I couldn't focus on anything and if I tried I would become even more nauseated. Saturday came with a million and one family events and I tried to work through the pain, I tried to be there more than just a shell of me. It wasn't working.

Sunday, I didn't get out of bed except for using the bathroom maybe twice. My head was getting worse, I had a fever, and I couldn't move my neck. Needless to say I went to see my doctor the following day. My mother had to drive me due to my inability to open my eyes to the light outside. She was pretty much my guide. She joked early in the day that she will need to be extra careful so she doesn't walk me into a door or a wall. We both thought it was funny.

My doctor came in and wonderfully turned out the lights-oh that was so wonderful. We went over my symptoms and he checked my pupils. They weren't dilating like they should and I was unable to focus or touch my chin to my chest. I was barely able to move my neck. He called for his nurse to get my mother from the waiting room and starting spitting out words like meningitis and hospital asap and when did this start? why did she wait so long?

If you know my mother, these words sent her into complete panic mode. She is so afraid that she will lose her children to death before she herself passes. We arrive at the ER and my doctor was to have called ahead. Yet, for some reason, the people in the front checking patients in had no idea. The triage nurse, was a complete ass! He as so rude and if I hadn't wanted to chop off my own head at that point I would have let him have it. Again, if you know my mom, she did let him have it. He asked me why I was there and when I answered I seen my Dr. today and he believes I may have meningitis he sent me here. His stupid response was why would you think you have that? You realize you should have seen your doctor first.

Complete shock coursed thru me; yet my mother took care of that and said-Were you not paying attention to what she said. That was the first thing she stated. SHE SEEN HER DOCTOR. He was to call ahead-That ass just cut her off and called to the back all cocky like whatever-When the nurse in the back said Yes we have been waiting for her-send her back NOW! I wished I could have rubbed it in his stupid ass face.

Anyway-the doctor came in-did the same tests my doc did-took some blood and said yeah it is probably viral meng. There is nothing we can do but treat the symptoms and she will have to wait it out. If can take any amount of time. Just keep hydrated and you will be worse before you will get better. He added, well you should feel lucky-If it were bacterial you would be dead by now. I am not sure if he was trying to lighten the situation, but it didn't work.

Well, I was sent home with pain meds and told to follow up with my doc if not getting any better. That Friday I went back to see my doc. I wasn't getting better at all. He sent me back to ER to be admitted. Yet, those bastards didn't follow orders. I saw the same doc again and he did a spinal tap this time. OK-I already have the headache from hell, a fever and chills, sick to my stomach at all times and can hardly move-you want to jam a needle in my back?????

Well, I thought that I was going to die from that thing. It only made me worse. He cam back several hours later to tell me that it was indeed NOT bacterial meng. and that if it were I would have been dead by now. Again not helping. He sent me home again telling me I had to wait it out. This time he told me it could take months.

Well, I only got worse, I was more nauseated than before, I wasn't eating at all, I could barely drink anything, i couldn't sit up and even stand up with out immense pain to the base of my neck and extreme pressure in my head. I was deteriorating and at this point was ready to just give up.

I returned to the Doctors the following Tuesday. I couldn't even bathe myself-I needed help to do that. I needed help to get dressed and to walk. I was pretty bad off. The doc's office set up a room for me at the Hospital and I was to go immediately. Here I was dehydrated and many of my levels were rather low. The new increased headache was from a spinal fluid leak. My heart rate was insanely high and my blood pressure was crazy low. I honestly thought that I was going to die. I was terrified. I just kept thinking about how it had been so long since I had spent time with the kids and that I would die lying in the damned hospital without even getting to say goodbye. I ended up crying myself to sleep.

They re hydrated me, did EKG's everyday, pumped me with antibiotics for a new found ear infection and did a blood patch. Now what is that? Well, it is where they go back into your back with an epidural block (finally taking away some of the pain); they remove blood from your arm-similar to taking blood for a sample; and then they proceed to inject the equivalent of half a shot glass of blood into your back to clot the hole created from a needle.

I was then told that I had not had Meng. that what I have was a meningi related virus that cause severe migraines. WHATEVER!!!!

That procedure made it impossible for me to stand up straight due to terrible back pain. The pressure in my head was gone, so walking like the hunchback was OK by me. They released me a few days later only on the promise that I will continue to eat and drink.

The following several days were very hard on me. I was barely able to walk for a week. Bending over is still very painful for me. My headaches aren't fully gone and my back still hurts when I move certain ways. I haven't been to work in almost two months. I finally started feeling better and able to move around and actually change out of pj's early last week.

I even brought out my Christmas Tree. Hoping that the holiday spirit would drag me out of my funk. That night I ended up with a sky high fever and severe sore throat. I have strep and a sinus infection. More antibiotics and rest. I am tired of being sick!

I return to work next week. I was booted from my position but will have a new one when I return. I am only concerned on where they will be putting me. There are some people in that office I would prefer not to work with. I am disgusted on the way I was treated by management there. But I guess I can't be surprised. They have only continued to screw me over every possible chance they get.

Well, now that this is a mile long..... Have a great afternoon!


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