Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What will she say next?

Well, kids do say the darnedest (is that even a word) things.... We were in the car today... I know not a completely smart move since the streets are covered in a layer of ice with some sloshy snow on top.... But anyways, we were picking them up from spending the afternoon at their cousins house and they were a little rowdy... Starting to verge on a fight between Kyle and Cadence...

So, I say, Ok lets see who can be the quietest on the rest of the ride home. Ready set go!!!!
Well, for about a minute if that... It was quiet... you could hear a pin drop. Well, Cadence starts to giggle and calls a time out... She thinks that everything should have a time out but that is another story for another day. She gets her giggles out and says time in... Then Kyle who feels the need to get in on some of this time out action, he calls one and says alright there are no time outs in this game and we are to be completely quiet til we get home, Ready set GO!

Cadence gets all giggly again and whispers... Hey, Kyle can we at least breathe.... We lost it! I started to snort. We were all cracking up.... So the car ride home was semi silent with the random giggle or snort coming from each of us in the car.

Then later on this evening; Kyle was in the Kitchen getting his homework done, just in case he has school tomorrow... Cadence who just loves to annoy the living shit out of him, keeps popping her head in the kitchen cracking up laughing or calling out his name, then popping back into the living room to hide behind the couch. Well, after a couple of minutes of this she of course gets into trouble so she is off to find her DS to play a little before bed. She sees that it is plugged in charging and I tell her that she needs to wait til tomorrow to play... She proceeds to pulling up a little chair she got for Christmas to where the DS is plugged in so she can play while not unplugging it.

Then some time passes and it is bedtime... Usually a chore for me most everynight... but getting better. I tell Cadence it is time to go to bed and she so nonchalantly tells me no.... and keeps on playing her game. She looks up and tells me she doesn't feel like going to bed. Well, I am working on staying calm because she isn't listening and from cracking up because she is so blunt and truthful it kills me. I proceed to tell her, That is too bad, it is bedtime... so Lets Go!

Still doesn't even look up at or even feel the need to respond this time and keeps on playing. So, I ask Jason why the kids never listen to me. Why is it they think I am saying nothing at all sometimes... He doesn't respond... There's my answer... hahaha... But Cadence pauses her game looks up at me and says, "Sometimes we just don't want to. That's all..."

I lost it... I couldn't hold back anymore... I started to crack up laughing... Having my 4 year (who will be 5 in about 2 weeks) just tell me like it is.

Other than that... I spent the day with my little bug, Kaleb, who just absolutely refused to have anything to do with pants today... We watched some cartoons and played. It was a really nice and calm day in my household....

I am really starting to get used to this being home and not working my ass off for some company who doesn't appreciate a thing anyone of its employees does.... I like not being crazed with stress everyday.

Well, that is enough of my rambling garble... night night!