Saturday, February 21, 2009

He is only 8 and already scheming

I guess that even though I pulled the same tricks... I will still get duped by my kids. Kyle was the mastermind this time. I haven't been feeling all too well this past week and Friday I was finally in the mood to move around and actually get out of my pajamas and clean the house.

Kyle came home and just walked over to me and said "Wow, mom, you look good today! How are you feeling?"

"I am feeling much better, buddy, thanks! How was school today?"

"I was just so worried about you, mom. You look so beautiful today!"

"What do you want, Kyle?"

Well, that was the start. I still wasn't feeling 100%, but so much better than before. Well, my sis-in-law came over with her two little ones. The kids played all night long and it was nice. This morning however, when I checked out the two main play areas... basement and bedroom... they were destroyed. I called for the kids and they blamed the neighbor kids (who haven't been over in awhile), their cousin from last night, and then even a monster. They had the pleasure of cleaning up the rooms that looked like a hurricane tore thru.

Kyle didn't complain once. He went right to it, no faltering and even delegated out what the younger two could do in order to get the job done faster. They did a really good job, not one of those stuff things places, but they actually did me proud.

So, Kyle with those little eyes of his asks about his friends again. I told him that once his dad got home and checked everything out then we would see. But dad had the final say. I went to the bathroom and the sec i come out, he is handing me the phone. Here he called one of his friends already.

Well, to my surprise these boys had been planning this for quite a few days. They called it "The X-Box Party" and were all prepared. So I talked to both boys mother's and they came over for their little party. They were so good! Not crazy and wild loud, but just like a group of little boys playing video games... so well behaved.

Although the little turd played me, I was very proud of him for being such a wonderful little host and having such a good time.

Cadence also did her fair share of being the annoying little sister... I love it!!!!

Well, much love to you all!


Jennie said...

Oh Kyle...I will be watching from next door. And I'm even known to bug the house with baby monitors!