Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I am a big box of whiny baby... I have had a tooth that wants me to yank it out and stomp on it til it is dust in the wind. I woke Saturday to the pain that since hasn't gone away or even let up. I want to scream... but talking and moving any part of my mouth hurts the damned thing all the more.

I hate being down... I still have to post my Weekend Update... so much to talk about. And I will get there... between pain during the day and being doped up on pain meds in the evening... I am really not in the blogging mood... But I will be back up and blogging my brains out soon enough... I see the dentist on Friday... I MAY BE COMPLETELY TOOTHLESS BY THEN!!!!


Melinda said...

dude that sucks, that they cant even fit you in before Friday. tooth pains are one of the worse. Hang in there.

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Oh boy. I'm moaning for you. Every once in a while I get a toothache SO bad, and all I want to do is stab myself in the temple with a fork. I hope you are pain free VERY soon!!

Jen said...

Ouch!! Still hurts huh? Hope it stops huring before Friday.

See you soon.

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