Friday, March 13, 2009

Are you freaking kidding????????

Well, I got the call yesterday from my doctor's office.

It went something like this....

"Mrs Krpicak... we got your results and they are normal. You have a small cluster of cysts. The cluster is about 3mm big and they are benign. Gaye just wants you to follow up in 3 months and you already scheduled that appt. We will see you in June."

"Um... but what about the other lump? I have two of them?"

"No there is only mention of one lump. It is fine there is nothing to worry about."

"Well, I was told by the doctor that was there the day i have the ultrasound that I had dense breast tissue. Is that something I should be concerned with?"

"Your report says nothing about dense breast tissue. And I don't want to sound mean or anything but you the ultrasound tech has no right to say anything to you."

"No the tech was relying what the doc told her. Why would they tell me that I have dense tissue if there is no mention in the report? Why is the lump that I feel not even mentioned?"

"How do you know that the one that we have in the report is not that one?"

"Again, I was told that I has dense breast tissue and the tech said that the doc told her that the one area...which is the lump that Gaye found-was just a small cluster ofcysts. Nothing to worry about."

"well, I don't know what to tell you. You will just have to talk to Gaye about it when you come in for you appt in June. Ok, bye!"

Now... I am super ticked at this point and decide before I flip out anymore I will make sure that I get a copy of the report and films so that I know what Gaye's office was looking at. I picked those up today. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF THE LUMP THAT I FOUND!!!!!!!

I am furious. I know that it is there. It was confirmed by my husband, a nurse practitioner and my midwife. So, why wouldn't she, my doc... notice that the lump they are talking about clearing is not the one that I have the most concern with.

I am not saying that I want to find out that I have cancer or something terrible wrong with me. But I do want to know without a shadow of a doubt that it is nothing... not just passed off because the ultrasound tech couldn't do her job properly.

In everything that I have read through the countless research... Breast, Susan G Komen website, and the Mayo Clinic to name a few... Each have stated that there are many problems with the ultrasound.... Mainly the ultrasound tech not doing what they need to do.

So, my next step is to go and see another doctor for a second opinion. I am going to talk to my cousin and see where she went. I am also going to ask a couple of other people that I know to see where they went. My number one choice at this point is a doctor that I seen several years ago. I want to get this appointment taken care of as quickly as possible and I think that my next step is to request an MRI. We will see....

Well, an update on Kyle. We went to the doctor's today and he wanted us to get a xray on his chest hoping to rule out pneumonia. We got everything done pretty quickly and found out that his lungs look good. However, his ped. said that the type of flu that is going around will lead to pneumonia and that Kyle is on that track. He placed him on some antibiotics... He said that his fever should start to go away this weekend and if not to call him Monday.

Well, there is lots of drama in my world at this time. I just hope that there will be a time when things can be a little calmer around here.... But what will I do then??? hahahha joking!

Well, until another time... much love to you all!


Jen said...

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad that we are becoming friends as well. Maybe we can take the boys for lunch one day when I get there.

As you know I think Dr's make some pretty awful mistakes. I'm glad that you are looking further into your results and asking more questions. I also hope that all results turn out for the best. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Talk to you later and see you soon!