Friday, March 27, 2009

a little of everything

I have a few random thoughts to spew at you...Just a few things that I found to stick out about my week.

The other night I watched the movie The House Bunny... I must say that it was cute but rather brain numbing as well. I am sure most men would enjoy this movie while on mute. Anywho, My youngest son, was lying on my lap because he wasn't feeling all that great that night. Once the movie was over and I turned on the DVD player, he sat up and said,

"I want to watch the Barbies again."

The barbies, Kaleb. What barbies?

The barbies with the boobies. Mommy, turn it back on.

So, now that I know my 3 year old in infatuated with boobies... I lost it. Too funny.

This week was his last week for preschool. When I was working the kids were in preschool/daycare fulltime. Mon thru Fri 8 to 5. Well, when I was so graciously let go... assholes... I had to cut the kids down to Cadence Mon thru Fri half days and Kaleb Tues and Thurs half days. Well, over time... even though it completely cute the monthly bill in a little more than half we still weren't going to be able to afford it. So I had to cut Cadence down to just 4 days a week and Kaleb now stays home with me until Sept. I am sad about it and cried when I was gathering all of his things when I picked him up yesterday.

Last night after dinner Kaleb and I were playing. I would blow a bubble with my gum and he would pop it... cracking up laughing that a little hyena. Too funny!

Cadence has been having some completely crazy nights. She usually has nightmares that verge on night terrors. This has been going on since she was 2. It is killer when she does it because her screaming is terrifying. I have talked to the pediatrician about it, but he says she should just grow out of it. Well, she isn't. One night she dreamt that Santa Claus was trying to take her lil brother and her and kyle (the older bro) had to stop him. She said that his little green evil men, elves, were coming at them trying to cut them up and they had to kill them all. Then they cut up Santa so that they could save Kaleb. A couple of nights ago she dreamt that a police officer just came and took her friend to prison and all he was doing was laying on his trampoline. She was screaming and crying out to him. What I can't get is that she has these nightmares about people that are not bad. I mean Santa is supposed to be one of the greatest guys around and the police are here to protect. She used to dream about a wolf but that went away when she told me that I had to cut him up into little pieces. She was 3 at the time. I have a doc appt with the ped. in about two weeks so I will be talking to him about this AGAIN!

Kyle is doing really good. He is actually getting his homework done within a 45 min range when it would take him 2 to 3 hours. I am completely thrilled at that. His attitude is even getting better. wonderful. He usually fights with me everyday... that has pretty much come to an end. I am LOVING it!!!

I let the buses use my driveway to turn around in, it is safer for them and it is convenient for my kids to be picked up. Well, I also have a front island on grass between the horseshoe driveway and the street. Now the bus that pulls into my driveway not only pulls in here like a bat out of hell racing in the Indy 500, but she has been over time ruining my island. She is completely taking chunks of the land and making what once was a nice gradual slope into a drop off that could kill someone on a tractor. Well, they started to re-gravel my driveway today... now I am hoping that they do something about the hideousness they have created in my front yard.

Erm... I do not know what else I can throw in here. I have other things to say, but they are for another post another time.

Until another time... much love to you all!


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

I'm sorry you lost your job. I'm sure that's not stressful at all. (insert sarcasm)

Hopefully Cadence does grow out of those horrible dreams VERY soon, or that something can be done about it. That's horrible. Not only is it scary at night, but they leave you with such horrible feelings the next day. Poor kid. :(

Melinda said...

that is too funny about the "barbies with boobies" I bet you got a great laugh st that. today the kids stood next to me to see where they reach, lol and this is what Jimmy said " I am a boob, Brooklyn is a va-jay-jay, and Derrick is a belly button,lol I just started laughing my butt off. I love when they just say something so darn silly.

that is horrible about your daughters night terrors. poor little girl.

Carebear said...

LOL on Barbies with Boobies, but so sad about preschool. Is Cadence heartbroken like you are? I just started "preschooling at home" after researching it on google. We're loving it! Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my Support the Troops giveaway and for following! I’ll be drawing two winners on Tuesday. Hope you’re one of them!