Monday, March 9, 2009

My no titled Weekend

The picture is of Kaleb holding Emily... She was loving it! Laughing and trying to eat his face!

Well, my weekend is over. That really bums me out. I love the weekends. Stay up late and are able to sleep in. But then Sunday night came along and I knew we had to all get up early for school and work the next morning... Did I get any sleep? NO!

For starters Kaleb has been having this thing where he has to sleep in my bed. No matter what I do, even if he is asleep early, he won't stay asleep he has to be in my bed. Now, don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my little boogerito and even don't mind the occasional sleep in mommy's bed night. However, this little turd doesn't sleep in one place. He ends up anywhere and everywhere. One night I woke up and he was lying on my head, another night i woke up to him lying in the fetal position at my butt. There have been feet and hands in my face, kicked and kneed in the stomach and back... I can't take it... I don't sleep at all when he is in bed with me.

However, that is not all. The wind was crazy last night and I usually love the sound of the wind and the rain... but last night the wind was going to drive me insane. I am already about to kill over from not sleeping because of Kaleb, now I have the wind trying to rip off the awning on my window... It has already pulled it off its track and now the metal piece gets bashed into my window. I just wait for it to come crashing in. Well, thankfully nothing came crashing in. That would not have made my day.

My weekend was a nice one. There was plenty that was accomplished and I truly did enjoy it. Eh, most of it. Friday wasn't our average Friday. Kyle got out of school early. We got his blood work done. He hasn't been gaining any weight and he has been losing some here and there. The doc is going to check out everything he can on the medical end to see what is going on, but from there we can see a Dietitian for more help. The Jamie and Jennie and all the kids came over. It was fun. I love spending time with all of them. It makes my heart smile. Well, we- Jennie Jamie and I have so much fun together.. we are big dorks... We sat on the computer trying new hairstyles. And then we started to tie the kids shirts like we used to wear ours during the late 80's early 90's.

Saturday... We got up early and went out and about. We went to the car wash and swept and scrubbed the carpets and seats of the van. Oh... it looks so much nicer now. It even smells nicer- hahaha! Then we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. It was nice. The kids were well behaved and ate their lunch. It was turning out to be a good day. Then we went to Target. Oh... the dreaded Target. Hahahah! We get there... start getting what we need, let the kids pick something out... and Kaleb starts to whine. So not sure what it is-overly tired... but turns out he goes from regular colored to red from head to toe. Beet Red-he is crying about his tummy and we hurry up like no others... We finish there rush to Walgreens for Children's Pepto. And he starts to puke! Thank God we were prepared and had a bag... Then he puked a few more times on the way home... puked some more when we got here and than sat on the potty for 20 minutes pooping his little guts out... POOR BABY!!!!

Sunday, Kaleb was better, but still whiny and picky about him food. But got the kids ready... took Bethany home and had to make dinner. I was supposed to go out with my friend Alina... but there was just no way i was going to leave my lil Kaleb.. so I am begging her to not hate me!

Well, have so much to do today... Clean clean clean... ugh! Until next time... much love to you all!