Friday, March 20, 2009

Red Lobster?????

So, yesterday was my big get myself looking better and feeling better about myself day. I go through these spruts where I am completely crazed about something for a day or two and hope and pray that it lasts longer than that.

I asked for Pro Active for Christmas and hardly used until earlier this week. I swear that stuff works. Well, I started out this week in a crazed super cleaning mode. I cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the entire kitchen, living room and super cleaned the bathroom. I was in full force cleaning mode and even scrubbed the floors. Ahhhh... I love a clean house and I am sure many to most of all of you do to.

Well, then the week continued on and as it did, I made sure I kept my house nice and tidy and then came the kick on starting to make myself a little more in shape and to help to make me like me a little more.

Ever since I had the lump scare I have been changing a lot of things. I have altered my diet. I cut out a ton of junk! And if you know me you know I love my junk.... drooling as i type! Well, I am eating less junk and much better smaller portioned foods. It is working out nicely and I have not faltered as of yet. I have also decided that I am going to limit out the amount of caffeine I intake. I am a pop-o-holic and I mean it... If they had a support group for pop drinkers I am sure my hubby would make me go. I mean... my absolute favorite pop is fountain pop.... I know all he best places too. There is a Taco Bell that has the best fountain Pepsi... then there is this one McDonald's with the best fountain Coke.

See I told you I have a problem. Well, I have been doing well! I have only had my morning iced coffee, water, and maybe a can of soda with dinner, then more water. It is working out for me.

I have also decided that I need to get back into shape. Once the weather starts to get a bit warmer I will start to walk the bike trail down from my house with the kids. I have also thought about tanning. I sometimes go tanning and really have no problems with it. I went tanning for the first time in about two months yesterday. Well, I have always go for the same amount of time every time I go tanning. I do not have very fair skin and I wasn't all that pale. Well, they must have got new bulbs or new beds or something...

My attempt to start tanning and keeping some color I must have decided subconsciously to become a lobster. My back, arms, chest and back of my knees are RED!!! and PAINFUL!!! hahahaha! Laughing is all I can do about it. I mean I should have noticed that the beds were new and that I should have said, Ummm... yeah I need a shorter time since the beds are newer.

So, this red lady will be in some pain for awhile. I can't even put on a bra! i tried and I thought that my flesh was being ripped at by poisonous claws. UGH!!!!

On another note.... Kaleb had to go to the doc's yesterday and got a prescription for an antibiotic. Well, the pharmacy that we usually go to no longer takes our insurance... But did they tell me that when I first game them the card and she input all the info? NO! But they tell me when I made sure to ask..."Do you take my new ins?" NO!! Did they tell me to come back in 20 min and it would be ready? Yes... Was it ready... NO!!! I had to wait all that time to be told we don't take your ins... then all the other pharmacies were closed.

So this morning... I go to another pharm and am told good luck finding someone with that medication in stock! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!? My son needs his meds and I can't find anywhere to get it filled! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few more places I can try... and I better find one soon!

Well, until another time... much love to you all!!!!