Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some additional prayers are needed....

So, my youngest sister is engaged to a man in the Army. He had been deployed in Egypt since August and this week was to be his first leave. He was lucky to be able to come home the week of his daughter's 4th birthday. Him and my sister decided to plan a nice trip for the 3 of them to go to Florida and take my niece to Disney World. I was super excited for them.

Well, I got a phone call from my mom (yes we are talking again) and she didn't have good news to share. It just so happens that when my future bro in law was boarding the plane he made it as far as the plane itself and was asked for his boarding pass. Being someone who has never flown-the whole process is confusing to me and terrifies me- well he was asked and when he told them he wasn't given one when they checked his ticket, they told him that he needed to get off the plane and get it. They escorted him off... He says that the second he existed they shut the doors and before he made it to the ticket check in place (don't know names of these things) the plane took off. WHAT THE FUCK!?

When he went to find out why they told him that they only had one other flight out to the States... and that it wasn't until tomorrow... they made him get another ticket. He also asked to use a phone and was refused... The guy only had enough cash on him to get the new ticket and a little bit more than that. Well, he asked someone there to use their cell phone... They made him pay. Again WHAT THE FUCK!?

He was told that if he didn't take the flight tomorrow that the next one was April 3rd... and then he wouldn't get to take his leave. Well, at this point he is now waiting to get on the flight tomorrow... he now has to stay the night in the airport, no money for food or anything else... and just wait.

He will still make it in time for their flight to Florida... but still...

What the HELL is wrong with people? What kind of person would charge someone to use their phone to call phone to let family know that they aren't going to be on the flight he was supposed to be.

I am asking for you all to pray for him to find someone worth something that will being able to give a little help until his flight. I am asking for you to pray for him to make that flight tomorrow without hesitation. I am asking for you to pray for him to make it home safely to see his daughter and fiancee and to get his little girl to Disney for her birthday.

Thank you to all of you in advance for your help and your prayers!


Tonya said...

wow what a rough go of things. That totally stinks. I hope he gets on that next flight and finds someone with compassion. oh yeah dropping in from the blog party...couldn't find your party post.