Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some weekend randomness

So tonight I have a few random things I want to go over. I mean I have a lot to say, but really not a lot on each subject I guess... Or maybe I do we will see....

For starters, Kyle is doing so much better. He is fighting taking his medicine but I manage to get it down. I don't blame him though, it is gritty, nasty smelling and just plain disgusting. He has still be running a fever and still a little down, but the fever is much lower and he is much more active than he has been. Makes me feel so much better to see him getting back to being my lil Kyle man. Kyle and I have been getting closer and closer. I am so loving the fact that I am no longer working. I think it has done me wonders. I am so much happier and if I can see that, my friends see that, my family sees that... the kids are even picking up on it.

Tonight was the fourth installment of Jason's family, and I mean whole family-aunts uncles cousins great aunts the works- get together. At Christmas time we had decided that from this point on we were going to continue to grow as a family and have monthly get togethers. It would take place on a Saturday and each "family" would take turns hosting. The first one was at Jason's cousins house and it was a load of fun. Last month it was here and we had a super blast. Everyone stayed a pretty long while here and we played games. Today it was at my sis in law Jamie's house. I love getting together with his family. I never had anything like that growing up and it gives my kids to grow lasting relationships with their cousins and aunts and uncles.... each generation of them. It is really nice when we remember grandma and grandpa.

I went to BW3 Friday to get the kids some lunch and that just so happens to be where my sister, my younger one- the one who says i am dead to her, works. Well, wasn't really expecting to see her there, since I knew my mom wasn't babysitting. Well, I ran in to grab the order and it wasn't ready. That made me a little bitter since i was already later than I said I would be to pick it up. So I waited patiently and there I seen her, my sister out of the corner of my eye. Well, only she would be able to say whether or not she seen me at that point. Yet, I had to wait around for what felt like the better half of a year to get my food. She walked up behind me, stood in line and then asked the girl behind the counter a question over my back. I turned around and being the mature person I try to be, I said hey and said hello to my niece, who was with her. We weren't standing but about the distance of two medium sized people standing between us. She didn't even look my way. She had to know who I was... for starters she was 10 minutes from my house, i had on the white coat she gave me, and ummm... i still look the same as i did the last time she saw me. There was no response from her. Nothing... not even a shrug, a glance nothing!!! NOTHING!!!!!! She grabbed my niece by the arm and lead to back over to the other past of the restaurant. I was shocked... but not so much. I guess some people just need to grow up.

Last but not least... I have always wanted another baby. Tonight while playing with Emily and feeding her and holding her... it made the urge worse. I almost started to cry, just holding her. I know that it is not a possibility at this point. My house isn't big enough and there is no way we could afford it, but man, I just love being pregnant and being the mommy to a new little one. I think having the possibility of something being wrong with my body and the potential of not having the option any longer is eating me alive. I know that it is not feasible at this point in my life... but it still makes me so sad.

Cadence is having a sleep over at her Aunt Jamie's tonight... She was so excited... She loves sleep overs! She loves anything that she gets to do without her brothers involved. hahaha!

Well, I guess that is enough of my random ramblings... until another time... much love to you all!
Oh, one more thing... i haven't been posting pictures because i have been on Jason's laptop the past few posts and there are no pictures on it. That stinks!


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Hi There.. I came on over from SITS. Wanted to give you a quick Shout Out! :D

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Saw you were new to SITS and wanted to say "WELCOME!".