Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn is here...

Well, today started out as a cloudy September morning. I had decided last night that I wanted to take Kaleb for a walk on the Mill Creek Bike Trail, near my house. So, after I got Kyle and then Cadence on the bus I was going to get him ready to go for a nice morning walk. Well, my body had other plans and asked for a little more rest before we started the day.

After a little rest and some straightening up around the house, Kaleb and I got ready to hit the road. I was fully expecting the rain to come monsooning down on our heads, the moment we hit the trail; however God was shining down on us today! No rain!!!

Well, my poor legs went through some torture of bike riding yesterday... Oh that was too much. Not the bike ride but the attempt to walk down my basement steps after the bike ride. Oh, it would have been a sight to see. My legs were so rubbery that while going down the steps it was as if they were running ahead of the rest of my body. I couldn't keep up with them. It was priceless. I ended up making it down the death trap of steps with the rubber legs.... I so thought I was going to end up face first on the floor at the bottom of the steps... would not have been pretty either. Well, I was able to catch myself and take a sit for a moment before I risked walking the four or five steps to the laundry room. Well, I was good, I took my time hoping that the walking back up the steps wouldn't be as interesting as the trek down them. Well, with laundry basket in hand, I was ready to make the move... Oh going back up was just as hard as the walk down. I swear never again will I do that!!!

Ok, done with the tangent.

We make our way to the bike trail, it is only about a minute drive from my house. We got there and unloaded the stroller and all the things Kaleb "had" to have for our little stroll on the trail.

The weather was PREFECT for a nice stroll.... and we were off. My goodness, the first few minutes were just calm and collected... I had one ear phone in so I could listen to some music and still be able to hear all that was going on around me, including Kaleb.

The sun started to shine brighter and the humidity was getting a little out of hand, but the air that I was breathing was so mmmmmmm.... It was the smell of Fall.

The sweet first smell of Autumn is the most amazing scent I could ever experience. It was that combination of apple trees, wet leaves, and the linger on an oncoming rain storm. I had to turn off my music. I wanted to take it all in, NOT just the smell, NOT just the sight, I needed it all! I wanted to be overwhelmed by the magnificence of it all.

The wind blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves all around, the babbling of a little brook, the chirping of birds, and the squeaking of the insects. Seeing the leaves float around with the wind, the Autumn flowers swaying, and soft sweet breeze cooling the back of my neck bringing in the delicious aroma of Autumn.

The invigorating aroma and the relaxed state I was in from the walk has set my mood to be so calm! I love it! The Autumn is my all time favorite season!!!!


Jen said...

Hey next time I come for a visit I can have a new walking partner. That will be fun.

Glad you enjoyed your walk today.

Melinda said...

dude you suck!!!!! I miss fall so much and I swear as I am reading I am thinking back to when I lived In Midland Michigan, at the kitchen sink making chilli (of course) and I had the window above the sink and it was blowing that nice fall breeze in and I could see Jimmy who was 2 and Jim playing in all the pretty leaves. to me fall just means good simple times Dont get me wrong I LOOOVE my beach weather, I had a wonderful 2 hours at the beach with Derrick this morning and I cant wait to go back tomorrow after the kids go to school.