Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One day at a time or all at once????

Live one day at a time.... Easier said than done!

We live in a world where we are so fast paced that EVERYTHING we do is done hurried so we can get on to the next thing. This effects everything we do... Watching television, talking, working, driving, reading... everything!!!

Sit back and think about it... really think about it. Oh, wait there may not be time allotted in your day to sit and think today. I know I am thrilled that I am one hell of a multi-tasker. With out that little quirk, I wouldn't be able to think at all!

The growth in technology is absolutely amazing. The innovation is simply astounding. Yet, I am concerned with it. My concerns are valid and make a simple and clear point. Technology, although a great invention, has began to make the human race take steps back in evolution.

Something as simple as speaking to another person has become so hurried that we have "dumbed" down our English language. We went from formal hellos and goodbyes to guttural grunts made to sound like words.

EX: (as I am sure you want to know) Hello, how are you? It's great to see you. You look wonderful! What have you been doing these days? has been degraded to Sup? with a head nod

Writing letters has been becoming a dying art. When was the last time you hand wrote a letter to someone? I am not putting down emails in any way... I am an emailing junkie... and it if it weren't for the Internet, I would be a hermit that never keeps in touch with her friends. What I wonder is what happened to the way of speaking to someone without sounding like a caveman or uneducated boob?? I am not playing the "not me" card... I am just as guilty.

While technology continues to grow, our simple brains aren't. Let's take a look at texting.

"Hello, my name is Amanda. I am a texting-oholic! I can't go a day without texting and when I didn't have my phone for a couple of months, I went through a pretty bad withdraw."

Now, texting is a great thing. It was once described to me as the prefect way to have a conversation, especially with someone you Don't want to talk to. You can give simple responses without being asked what's with the tone? And when you just don't have anything else to say or just really don't care to reply you just stop texting responses. All so true... You know it, don't deny it! We have all done that! I am guilty!!! hehehehe

Well, my problem with texting is that we as a society have made life run so quickly that the 24 hours in a day just aren't enough to get everything done that we wish to accomplish. I am sure many of us would admit to thinking that if there was a way to not have to sleep I would do it. Well, the dangers of texting are great... WHEN driving!

I was once guilty of the task. Because there just isn't enough time in my day to do everything I needed to without texting to someone while driving. Well, I have seen enough PSA's and news reports on the accidents because someone was texting while driving and not paying one damned bit of attention to the road. (yes, drunk driving is just as dangerous- I am not talking about that right now though)

That is where I believe that we are losing are ability to use common sense. Creating a stupid person... once you lose common sense... well there is no hope!

Making sure that we beat the clock is something we have been programed to do... where did taking your time to make sure you are doing something right and well go??? Everyone and everything has a deadline. I have to finish this article in order to be the first to have completed this story. I have to make sure these cars are shipped out on this date so we are first on the line. I have plans that weekend, so can we schedule an UNNECESSARY c-section to deliver my baby early so it doesn't intrude on my life?

Each of the above mentioned acts have occurred in our society... without the thought of making sure that all the information provided is accurate, ensuring the quality of the product is safe, and using the common sense of making sure your health is not being endangered. But the way we have adapted is to make excuses stating... well I will post a correction to follow if my article is misinforming, we will do a recall on the messed up cars- sorry your breaks don't work... or well, that is what doctors are for. Forget that you have just lost most if not all of your reputation in what you do from that point on.

There are so many things that we just keep passing by. The smile and light conversation with an old friend on the street- replacing it with a head nod and a grunt. The growth of our children because we have so many other things we feel NEED to be done.

By the way we are living we want to know everything that is coming our way. There is no time for us to sit back and just live life one day at a time. We want all the information in front of us RIGHT NOW!!!! (that was me jumping up and down stomping my feet- my virtual fissy fit!)

I was thinking today that I don't let myself live one day at a time... but I am damned if that is how I will continue my life... there is too much stress involved. I try to plan it all out.. that is impossible... just to think that this is how this is going to go... playing out each and every move you will make, if someone says this or does that... then I will react this way or say this in response... making your mind go in a million tangents all at once, while not even coming close to what will actually take place at the actual time of acting...having stressed for no reason at all... and then still having to come up with your reactions and responses.

Life is here to be experienced... not just rushed through. At least these are just my randomly random thoughts on the subject... What are yours? (or do you not have the time to think about it?)


Jen said...

My lord that was a long post. I hardly had enough time to read it. ha ha ha ha ha.

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. Although, I must admit I do almost all of them. I do still send people cards in the mail. I figure everyone deserves a nice card in the mail instead of damned bills. I email all the time, I text constantly and I get pissed if the page I'm looking at on the internet doesn't come up the second I hit the link. I agree that this technology has made us become very impatient people who want instant gratification.

Take time to talk to people. Ask them how their day is. Write a letter to somebody instead of an email, it will make them smile.

Most importantly, take time to enjoy the day...take it one day at a time, life is too short to be in such a hurry all the time

Manda said...

Oh yeah... I am the same way! I do just about all the them too... I am just going to work on not doing so many of them!

Jennie said...

Was this a post in response to my obsessive facebook-edness? lol

Manda said...

hahaha.... no, not at all! I had been thinking about it for sometime! hhahaha