Thursday, October 1, 2009

that aching urge to write

I swear there are days that I have a million and one things that I feel the need to write about. However, those days are when the blogs are long and detailed.... and there is only room for one topic a blog... I could probably fill several different blogs with the thoughts that soar through my mind on those days.

Then there are days like today! Days when I want to write but am completely blocked!!! So I think I will go on with some random things that have been going on....

The kids have been doing well in school. Cadence loves Kindergarten and even colored her teacher a picture of the two of them together. Kyle is doing well in school. I received his first progress report (they send them by email these days-awesome!!!)... there were only two classes listed, I should be receiving the other classes soon... however, he is getting an A in Science and a B in Social Studies. Kaleb is completely loving all the mommy and him time he gets and that he gets the XBox 360 and Wii all to himself all day long.

I have finally been feeling pretty good, I have even started exercising some. I do crunches everyday... may not be more than maybe 15 at a time, but I can pump out about 3 reps of that at the most. I have been walking (well only once on the trail) and have taken some bike rides... makes me excited that my puny ass is getting some exercise!

Super excited because I got to see the dress my sister, Michelle wants for the bridesmaids in her wedding for next October! Let that count down begin!!! So excited! I love the dress... it is so beautiful. I love the way I look in it too!!!!

Today I went with Carissa, Jennie, and another bridesmaid to see Carissa in her dress, it is beautiful... and look at some dresses for us maids. That was sooo funny! So, Jennie and I were running little late on our schedule... we got there saw Carissa and went hog wide searching thru their dresses. Then when we decided to try some on, we were informed there was 10 minutes left til the store closed. Oh... Jennie and I went on a mad dash to try on about 20 dressed in 10 minutes, with 3 kids running in and out of the dressing room we shared to go thru the dresses. Some were not flattering, some were hideous, and then we found the best one... It is beautiful!!!! So fingers crossed we will get that one.

Tomorrow I am planning on making this super delicious dinner that I have been wanting to make for 3 days now. I can't stop thinking about it! I want baked chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn, rice, biscuits, and the brownies for dessert! Oh you have no idea how much I want to eat this. I have had to make easier dinners for the past few nights due to things going on... and they have not been able to hit the craving... I have been eating like a crazed woman when night falls, but my tummy doesn't agree... I may not have been ill, but my tummy hasn't allowed my food to sit well.

The October Fest is this weekend. I love the October Fest!! I can't wait to go. Maybe I will buy something!

Well, I thinking I got the writing urge out of my system, although, I said outside of the updates on the kids, not of too much importance... Maybe I will write all my blogs on the day my brain is in over flow, but post them on different days. Also, I still need to hunt down my old poetry and some of my old writings from other times.
Night All!


Jen said...

Mmmmm the dinner sounds so yummy!

I will see you in a few days!!