Saturday, November 14, 2009

baking baking baking... I just looove baking... OH YEAH!!!!

I have been having my ups and downs lately! My downs are based on future sadness. Makes little sense doesn't it... but to me it makes complete and full sense.

As I have mentioned before I have upcoming events in my life that are yet to be released to the public... I know I know.... but there is reasoning behind my madness. Or at least it makes sense to me! Either way, straight forward information will not be coming from me.

These past two weekends have been the best weekends of my life. Well, have been great to say the least...maybe not the best of my life, but the best I have had in a long time. Last weekend it was really nice out... in Ohio that means around 65 degree weather... we were in t-shirts and my kids were in shorts (and the same goes for this weekend with the weather as well)!

Last weekend, we got to play on the tire swing in Jennie's (my next door neighbor best friend) backyard! Oh was it great fun! Aside from getting way too close to the tree.... I loved it! The kids loved it... it was great fun... and they are still playing with it!

Not only that but the kids and I played with Jennie and her crew all weekend! Friday night Jennie and went to Star Bucks... oh God do we have so much fun together! Then we were up all night playing Speed (the card game) cracking up laughing and just having a blast! Saturday was spent outside playing, ordering BW3, eating, watching movies, and unfortunately some cleaning. Well, while cleaning... I became very... terribly sad! I found some of the boys baby clothes that I had packed up... It was very hard for me! I cried looking through those clothes. Seeing little outfits my little men had worn when they were just so tiny and helpless. Just thinking of it is pulling at my heart strings! My kids are going 9-Kyle (10 in June); 5- Cadence (6 in February); and 3-Kaleb (4 in December). It is very hard... with the other two by the time they were 4 I had another new little baby! I don't this time! Do I want more kids... Ohhhhh, my God YES!!!! Yes, I do!

Well.... now that I am back... hahaha!!! Me and my tangents... geesh! Well the week went on with not much fun for me! For a day and a half... I had a migraine from hell trying to take over the world. I thought it was trying to kill me! Ugh! ( yes I love exclamation points!!!!!!)

Well, last night was Friday and I spent the evening with Jennie again.... Jason, Tommy PJ, Carissa... we all played Texas Hold 'em. Oh was it great fun!!! We had the time of our lives... Jennie trying to cheat, but she just couldn't she busted out laughing her ass off at one point, because she just couldn't go on cheating... She just blurts out I'm cheating... bah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh we lost it!

We today, we got up and got ready... and Jennie, Jamie and I and our hordes of children went to White House Fruit Farm today! I love that place... and their beef jerky! (think I will eat some right now-ha ha ha!!!!)

Well, Jennie and I have been talking about making apple pies, pumpkin pies, and cookies for Christmas for a couple of weeks now. Well... today was the day! I was pumped... we went to White House... and we bought apples and we were going to bake!!!!

Well, it was just such a beautiful day... so we played outside today... until I became too hungry to do anything but think of food. I came into the house and started making some spaghetti for all 12 people... well then Jennie brought over some Andrew's sausage (good stuff) and we made, spaghetti, sausage, garlic bread.... and while making dinner Jamie suggested we make some brownie cookies too just to see what they were like! (we were looking thru my cookie cook book today) So we all were cooking.... thank goodness I have a decent sized kitchen!

Oh, was dinner great... and so were those brownie cookies! Well, Jennie and I rested a bit after shoveling tons of food in our faces; then we made some pie. Homemade crust.. Jamie peeled and cut most of the apples; mixed everything from scratch and baked us two apple pies. Ohhhh the aroma was AMAZING!!!!!

The parts of these past weekends that cause such pain and sadness for me are the parts that I enjoyed so greatly! I don't want those things to change. I want to be able to always do these things with Jennie, Jamie and my kids! I don't even want to imagine them not being possible!

Well, I have rambled on about little to nothing for long enough... I am going to eat me some PIE!!!!