Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Several years ago... about 7 to be more precise I had to have an laparoscopy of my ovaries. I had been having a terrible time and excruciating pain after Kyle was born and he was done nursing. It started off pretty ok... meaning that I didn't want to rip them out when they hurt... However, the pain did increase to the point where I was tempted to have all existing parts of a female reproductive system removed just to not be in pain anymore.

At that time I was seeing a doctor who told me that my chances of having more children would decreased significantly every year. He wanted to go in and take a look because all my tests were showing that there should be nothing wrong with me. Clear labs, clean ultrasounds... you name it... I should have been normal. (Me normal... ha ha ha ha ha ha-I find that hilarious)

Well... I had my surgery in Sept of 2002, Kyle was 2 years old and nothing else we were trying was working. SO......the surgery took place and the doctor found a benign tumor... the size of an ovary on my left one, which was about 2-3 times the size it should have been. Plus more cysts than could be calculated.

Well, let's just say that the week following surgery I was pumped full of pain pills (that pain was EVIL) and I slept pretty much the entire 7 days before my post-op.

Over time... the pain wasn't as bad... and it ended up taking me almost a year to conceive Cadence. The pain came right back after she was born... it wasted no time. Which was baffling because I wasn't supposed to be ovulating. So, I was placed on birth control. Which didn't work either... and hell didn't keep me from getting pregnant with Kaleb. (which i do NOT regret)

I had Kaleb and was good to go for about a year. I was thrilled, because I would dread waiting for the pain to start again. Just when I left my guard down... it attacked. It came back full force and with a vengeance. So I had the Mirena implanted. After loads of research and talking with my doc we figured this was the best bet.

Things seemed to be getting better and I was sooo happy. You could not imagine! Well, about a year ago... the pain started to creep its way back into my life. Little by little... not really effecting me too much at first. Then WHAM! It made its move to try to kill me I swear.

After continual testing: labs and ultrasounds.... all normal again... It is time to go under the knife again. I am scheduled for surgery the middle of February. What a way to turn 30 right!? Hey let me cut you open. ha ha ha

But hopefully, I get some better answers this time.

It is hard having so many things built up inside... and not being able to release them all.

Well... off to clean and play... much love to you all!


Jen said...

Good luck with the surgery. Hopefully you will get some answers!

I'm hoping for a weekend trip sometime in Feb, I will see you all then. I miss you guys!!

Melinda said...

I hope the surgery goes well and they can finally tell you whats been going on. let me know the date and I will pray for good news!