Friday, February 26, 2010

30's are off to a good start

I went to my first interview in over 8 years this Tuesday, at a financial company. It is for an Administrative Assistant position. My sister-in-law told me about and I place my resume the following morning. I was so excited to receive the phone from them to schedule that interview. Excited and super sick to my stomach. My nerves were all in a tizzy that day...

I believed that my interview went very well. I was super excited about the while thing. It was a wonderful feeling. They informed me that they planned to do a total of 5 interviews, and that from those they will do calls backs for a second interview on 1 0r 2 from there. They told me not to expect to hear from them for at least a week and a half or two weeks. Then anticipation set in again.

With me I over analyze everything. Did I talk too much, talk too little, say the wrong thing, dress wrong.... on and on and on... my brain just doesn't stop. Well, yesterday, being Wednesday, I woke up from a terrible nightmare (a pretty bad one- it had been a long while) and my day was kind of bummed. This morning, I woke to a horrid headache. I haven't been sleeping all that well (would explain why I am wide awake at 1:36am right now).

While cutting some pineapple this afternoon, my phone rang and I wasn't really able to run to it, luckily enough, my wonderful son, Kyle, brought it to me. The number was from the company.... I just answered that call in time. The office manager calling to ask me if I would like to set up a second interview for next week.... I could have run a mile with how excited I was.

Things are working in such a wonderful direction right now. I had surgery on my ovaries and the doc said that I have nothing to worry about- they are healthy and normal looking (WOO HOO), the first resume I place gets me a resume within a few days, two days later I get a call for a second interview, booked my trip for Vegas in July for my sister's wedding, and there is potential of finding a place.

I am just terrified that because things are going so well right now, that something HORRIBLE is about to come crashing in taking it all away!

And then I allow myself to sit back, take a deep breathe, and think to myself (what a wonderful world- sorry just had too ha hahahaha) I did say my 30's were going to be better! I am off to a good start!