Saturday, August 7, 2010

I should have know...

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! A day that, well, just was prefect!

The company I work for has many client appreciation events. Today we put together a Bocce Event at the MVR. For starters I have never been the to MVR AND.... it is in downtown Youngstown.... Which I drove to ALL by myself (well, Kyle was with me)... I got there and didn't even get lost!!!! Hahaha!! Score 1 for me!!!

Well, like I popped in Kyle came with me. I was so excited to have him just him, come with me. We don't get to do much together, just the two of us. We had a great time. I was able to meet a few more of our clients and get to spend time with those I have met before.

I really, honestly, can't say enough.. Just how much i LOVE MY JOB!!! hahaah

Kyle and I had a blast while at the Bocce event. Let's not forget to mention that it was a total success. It went off without a hitch!!!

On our way home I drove past the house I will be moving into next weekend. I talked to the people that will be, I guess you could say, my landlords and they said it was all ready! When I drove past the roof was cleaned, the house looked amazing, and yard was really cleaned up (the the landscaping), the driveway was redone, and they even put in a new fence. The fenced in the backyard! AMAZING!!!! They put in all new appliances!!!

Today, I feel relaxed. Completely at ease! I haven't felt this way, in well... A really REALLY long time! My Jennie found me a great couch and love seat for super cheap and she is also able to get me some dressers.

I can't forget to mention all of the great support I have from my friends... YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!!

Baby steps will get me to where I need to be.. and I won't get there any sooner than when I am supposed to be there!!!

Well, not back to my relaxing Saturday night!!!