Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy mother of a 5 year old, Batman

This time 5 years ago... 2005... I was a mother of a new bouncing baby boy... Kaleb Jason; 7 lbs 1oz 19 1/2in long. He had all ten fingers and all ten toes. The perfect lil' nose and beadiest eyes. The months leading up to the world greeting such a wonderful baby boy were crazy by far.

October 2005 Kaleb tried to shorten his stay in the lovely 98.6 degree all inclusive resort known as Ch√Ęteau Mamma! With contractions and dilation taking place that, eager little bugger landed us a stay in the hospital. His sneaky stunt put me on bed rest for the next several weeks until it would be safe for him to come greet the world.

The next couple of months were uneventful for him and I, until we learned that his "due date" was moved up to Dec 17th instead of Dec. 25th. Well, this already momma of 2 wasn't going to allow him to done his birthday suit on Christmas.

The 19th came and went as did the 20th. We went to visit the midwife, where her and I decided that if this lil' bugger didn't make his grand appearance by the 22nd we would kicking him out. I went to bed that night, feeling pretty good!

OH NO!!! 5:26am I was awakened to some HORRIBLE pain. Not really time-able contractions, but damn it, if they weren't I was reaching in there and pulling him out by his legs. My screaming woke up his dad and he came into the room thinking it was time to get the others two ready for school.

We made it to the hospital at 6:00am on the nose and was sadly told on arrival that there was no epidural in my near future. No other pain meds either... I was in the worst pain imaginable and well I decided I could wait. He didn't have to come into the world just yet. Let me calm down and then I can get something to help with the pain.

Kaleb had other ideas. Kaleb said, SIKE... this all inclusive resort has become a boring stay and I am ready to moon you all!!!

The time was 6:29am and only 2 pushes passed, his slimy big head and little body came flying out to squawk at us all!

Oh the pain was unbearable but worth it on so many levels. Yes, I would do it again and again!!

Today, that slimy lil' ball of fire turned 5. 5 amazing years old and already full of his own shining personality!!!

I sure do love my Kabub!!!!