Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are you my mother?

There is nothing more satisfying than being a mother! I am a greedy selfish woman when it comes to my children. I truly can't get enough of them. I love watching and listening to everything they do! The way they observe everything. The way their minds work.

The moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was terrified. I had no idea what I was going to do or how in the world to take care of a baby. I did everything by the book. I stopped eating anything that wasn't 100% healthy, cut out all caffeine- including chocolate, I made sure that I was the perfect incubator for that little life growing inside me. Then he was born, a healthy baby boy! It was like God created me to be his mother. That it was my sole purpose... to be a mother!

Then I was pregnant with my second wonderful gift. This time my health wasn't the best (I guess that having a little girl does that to me). I ate what I could keep down, but made sure that I was still taking care of myself. She was a healthy beautiful little girl and the routine for being a mother of two just set in. I knew just what to do and how to make it work.

My third pregnancy was one filled with fear. I had two hands! Two hips! Two legs! How in the world was I going to take care of 3 of them? Would I have enough love for all of them? Then my third little bundle of perfection was born and this mother just knew what to do. Each day was a lesson and I kicked it's butt!

I am now the mother of a 5, 6 (almost 7) and 10 1/2 year old. I enjoy being a mother 100%!!!!! I know it sounds greedy of me but I want more. I want to have another little baby to love and help grow. I want to have a huge family!