Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Cloud

I have had a black cloud looming over me for awhile now. I had taken upon myself to just ignore it, see past it and embrace all the positives! That is until today!!!

I woke up feeling like utter death!! I didn't want to get out of bed: so tired- exhausted-whiny, achy, just feeling yucky! I got up and got ready, knowing that I need to embrace each day as it is, NEW! I picked Brian up for work and off we went. We even got Dunkin- SCORE!!!!

My brain was not in working order today. I have just been annoyed all day. Not sure why... just was. So, what should have been a nice day turned into a day of mass chaos within my own head. It was like holding down the channel button on the remote and watching each channel fly by at the speed of light. No thought was stable. I just couldn't concentrate. That was frustrating all by itself.

Add some annoyance of my ex who just knows how to piss me off! His ridiculousness had me so upset all I wanted to do was cry. Try answering a phone at work all chipper and happy like, when you are on the verge of tears. It is not easy... not easy at all!!!!

Well, I figured I would go and buy myself something... That usually helps. For a brief moment it did. Until on my way home my driver's side windshield wiper flew off like it was in a hurry to meet the ground. It only gets better from here...

I get in the garage and close the door... go into the house and put all my stuff down. I needed a moment to collect myself and being outside usually does the trick. I went out my back door for a breathe of fresh air. I intake some of the cold air around me and let the snow fall on my face and in my hair. It was a nice moment... until I tried to get back in.

Apparently, when you close my sliding glass doors, they just automatically lock. You got it!!! I locked myself out. My lovely keys were sitting on the nice warm counter in my kitchen. My front door locked up like Fort Knox. My garage door closed for the night and now me standing outside in my clothes from work, THANK GOD my coat and scarf. After realizing that I make sure all windows are locked every night, it dawned on me that I was screwed!!! I owe so much to my wonderful landlord who drove over to let me in.

Still trying to thaw out... I have realized that today my black cloud was tired of being ignored so it struck me in the ass with a jolt of lightening!!!