Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Many times a path is shown and many times the traveler just passes by. The path is winding and jutted with obstacles. The path is not the easiest to travel. Many times the traveler just looks at it in wonderment. Longing to one day be brave enough to travel down that path.

Each day the traveler journeys down the open clean path. Although the end result is the same. The path is clear and the one could see from the beginning to the end. The vicious circle bringing the traveler back to the beginning.

Then to take another look at the path never taken. The path filled with speed bumps and road blocks. The path with an unforeseen ending. The path that will take the traveler on many adventures and filled with promises of sun shining days and guarantee of cloudy rain storms.

The path the traveler knows will need time and patience, love and compassion, and the willingness to become a part of the path not just a foot stepping here and there to avoid the ruts. The traveler must be willing to become a part of the path and not just one passing along to reach the end.