Saturday, January 1, 2011

Will the random thoughts ever cease? I hope not!

Am I really that big of a cynic when it comes to love? I mean, I listened to a song today, first time ever hearing it and really I cracked up laughing! I laughed so hard. I had to listen to it again a few times just to makes sure I heard the words correctly! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Alright, so I am a hopeless romantic! I want kisses in the rain and little surprises that tell me he loves me and cuddling under a blanket on a porch watching it rain and kisses when we see each after even a short time and dancing for no reason even with out music.... YES.. My pathetic list goes on. I call it pathetic because I don't believe any and I mean ANY of it will ever happen.

I am so tainted by the negativity of relationships that I can't even for a moment acknowledge that anything positive could come from one.

Last night at midnight while at my best friend's house... all the sappy couples locked lips the moment the clock struck twelve and that ball dropped! Me, I tipped my drink up and woohoo'ed the New Year!!!

I think I need to step back and just adjust to the world around me. Let in the possibilities that I am in fact correct and for me (not others-just me) love is a crock!