Saturday, March 19, 2011

does this only happen to me??

I sometime think that if there was no bad luck I would have NO luck at all. I was joking around the other day... saying I am Irish... aren't we supposed to be lucky? Where my luck of the Irish? hahaha

The other day just proved that my luck is only 100% pure bad. (I must have been something horrible in a previous life for Karma to be so damned evil in this one) This past week I haven't been feeling well. My throat felt like it had golf balls with razor blades in it. Trying to fight the icky I still maintained my week. That is until Thursday tried to crush me!!!

It all started late Wednesday night when I didn't get home til 10pm... oh well, not too much of a problem but I came home to no water! Really?!?!?! I was 2 weeks late on paying the bill and actually just received the new bill two days earlier. UGH!!! Oh well. I will take care of it tomorrow.

I get up and go to work and at lunch run to the water department, with my wonderful sister-in-law. I go in and am told that since I am not the owner of the house I can't get the water back on. SO... I get the information that I need, only to find out I also need the agreement between the property manager and the home owner... UGH!!! So I get back to work, make some phone calls and finally get the paperwork I need to take care of this matter.

Now, I need to explain... I do not go downtown on my own. I know I get lost and therefore I get massive anxiety! Well, I decided this time I would go solo. I figured it would kill me. SO!!!!

I leave work early, head down to the water department... park my car... go inside, wait in a forever long line (mind you I feel like death- I can't even swallow my own spit- and i just want to crawl into a hole) when a man comes in asking whose Kia Sedona is outside. I say, mine. He tells me they are getting ready to tow it because it is blocking an entrance. The real slap in the face, the back bumper was just lined up with the curb. The deemed it just too close. I go outside to move, I tell the office, I am going to move and he says, (as cocky as a stupid son of a bitch can) Well fine move it if you want, you are already getting a ticket! I said, that's is ok, I am not asking to not get a ticket, but I wanted to move it since you can't seem to get into the entrance. Oh, here is where I wanted to kick him in the.... "You don't need to be a bitch!" My goodness, really I was in shock... the next line just slid out of my mouth. I couldn't stop it. "Well, then you don't need to be dick!" He hands me my ticket, and tells me to have a nice day... Cocky short bleep!!!!

I return to the water department to find a whole new long line and a woman from earlier that day. So we chit chat some... and finally what seemed like forever it was my turn. The woman behind the counter tried to be difficult about not being able to read the paperwork. Finally, I got done and headed home. Yet, my throat was so miserable I decided to run to the immediate care and found out what in the world was wrong with me.

I come to find out that I have strep throat. I informed the doc that I am allergic to penicillin. I head over to the pharmacy, just going to wait there for the antibiotics. The pharmacist comes out and tells me the doc gave me a penicillin based med... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!

Finally, I get home and just go to bed.

I really don't know how so many things could just go wrong in one day for one person.