Sunday, May 20, 2012

I was once so filled with hopes and dreams... So many and too many to list. I was going to one day go to law school. I wanted to make my way up the political chain. I had hopes to one day help make a change in our ever faltering society.

When you are young you don't realize that there are many hiccups that can turn everything upside down...

My hiccup was finding out I was pregnant. I was so happy and excited and naturally terrified all at the same time. I was 19 when I  found out. I knew the type of mother I wanted to be... I also knew the type of attorney I one day dreamed to be.... I knew there was a choice to be made... Do I do both when before starting I knew I would fail? No, I made the decision to be the best mother I ever could be. I made the best decision in my entire life!! I regret nothing of it.

This time 12 years ago I was nearing my final days before motherhood.

12 years seem like such a short time... Does it really though, when you sit back and think of all that has happened in those 12 years?