Tuesday, January 27, 2009

little bird

I wanted to write something else today... but thought that there was something else I would rather write... I have a friend who is really in need of having all her allies with her at this time... So, I wanted to post this in hopes that she reads it and sees that I will always be on her side.

I believe you to be a little bird...Wild with life and full of adventure
A tattered youth falling from your nest
Growing your wings and surviving even when all was lost
Your timid voice heard only by a lucky few, was silenced by those who only want a little pet
Your wings were trimmed at your submission
Caged by fear of loneliness
Your heart cries out for the open sky

Another little bird greets you at your window
Strength she gives you to fill your heart
Love she gives you to grow strong again

Strength little bird has come to you
Sing little bird and fly
For the sky is endless
Yet, never empty.... You will never be alone little bird.