Thursday, March 18, 2010

So far so good!!!!

Oh... Buddy!!!!

Today is the third day of my new job. YES! You heard that right!!! My NEW JOB!!!! I got my new job at Bury Financial. I started on Monday where I worked a half day. This is the position I spoke about previously in my last blog or so.

I was so excited when Todd called to tell me that I got the job. Too bad when he called he totally had me fooled into thinking that I was not chosen. His tone of choice was all down and bummed out sounding, as though he was going to give me bad news. Did he have me fooled!!! I started to jump up and down the second he told me that the decision was unanimous and that I was wanted to join their team!

That weekend I went out and purchased some new clothes. I purchased some new items to wear to work. Oh, how I love to shop, especially for the type of attire needed for work!

Well, I started my job on Monday! It was the best half day I ever had! Then I just couldn't wait until Wednesday to go back to work. Crazy I know it!!!! Then I went back yesterday, and again it was a fabulous day.

There are NOT many jobs or companies out there to work for, like the one I was EXTREMELY lucky to have become a part of. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work there and with such wonderful people. I plan to continue to prove myself worthy of such a chance to be a part of this team! I also, actually, FINALLY look forward to going to work!

WOOHOO!!!!! Like I said.... My 30's will be FABULOUS!!!!! So far so good!

Monday, March 8, 2010

who you talkin' about

So, I woke up this morning with full intentions of returning out to a work out routine. For starters, I have been wanting to get my lazy ass back in gear... but see the thing with us lazy folk... WE ARE LAZY!!!! hahahaha!

Last night I had the strangest dream (like that is out of the ordinary). It wasn't a nightmare (WOOHOO!!!) It was just odd in so many possible ways. No I am NOT on any hallucinogens! Well, all I can say is I was at some funky fundraiser with a DJ (who was hot by the way-haha) and there were weird bicycle races and children's book littered all over the place. Well, in that dream I was in shape and flexible again! WOW! Right!?!? That wasn't the whole dream I would be admitted for sure, if I went into further detail.

Well, I woke up this morning and started thinking... Man, I haven't been able to do half of that since my back injury last summer. The problems I had with my back will tighten up most of my leg muscles and on top of that, I became even more stationary. Let's not forget, my hips decided to not be able to move like they once did too! Becoming all too statuesque! Not what I am wanting here.

So this morning, I got up and decided to do some little stuff... I did well over 4000 steps, and 75 crunches (hey that's a lot for the lazy), and some serious stretching! I will be able to get these legs and hips moving the way the once did... or at least some what!

OK... so while working out I listen to music... One of the most wonderful things ever! Music was just the greatest invention EVER!!! (and I just sang ever out loud while I typed it hahahaha!)

Anywho... listening to music helps me to think! I started thinking about all of the inner demons I have been battling lately. We all have demons, but my demons are some pretty scary creatures with gnarly teeth and dirty sharp claws! Don't ask!

I know I am the not best of people... I know I can be a pretty shitty person... I know I can and have made some pretty bad decisions in my life... I know that as my life continues, I will continue to make some pretty bad decisions.... I know I will sit back and justify them to myself... and I know that after awhile, I will bury them deep enough to be able to look at myself in the mirror again.

Then I started to think... who labels what is good and bad? In whose eyes are the actions that I perform good or bad? Now, please don't make me have to go into full on explanation here, but understand that I do not speak of horrible things such as violence or abuse in any definition of the terms.

Oh... well... quick update... I went on a job interview... The first one was two weeks ago. I left the office feeling quite confident in my interviewing abilities and felt I "NAILED IT" and well low and behold, I must have because two days later, they called me back to schedule for a second interview. I had that interview last week, and while there, I was in a conference room with the President, Vice President and Office Manager... talk about intimidating RIGHT!!?!! I was surprising very comfortable while slightly nervous. Towards the end of that interview, the Pres told me that my first interview went great and he felt confident that the second one was going to as well, and it went even better! So... I am hoping that is a good sign!

I will find out this week regardless whether or not I got the job. So fingers, toes, arms, eyes and legs crossed... I GET IT!!!!

well since I guess I have to clean my house some time today, I should run along!