Monday, January 19, 2009

my strangeness is so random

So, I have been really thinking about people and on whether or not humanity is doomed! I have been questioning what people really think or if there is hope left in others... is it just me that has a continual down slope of lost hope for anything good to happen.

I have been randomly texting and emailing and asking odd questions of some of the people I talk to often. Well, sometimes I get a response... People have lives that do not revolve around me, hahahaha!

Well, once I have completed that I will post about it... but it really is interesting to say the least to see how much people are alike. I mean we all had dreams when we were younger... and now that we are older only a fraction of my friends have actually followed those dreams. And there are life decisions that many of us could say we would make or do, but do we really know when the time comes.

Recently a friend of my had a mental melt down... and I as the faithful golden retriever friend that I am... was there to help her. I am not claiming to have helped her, but she was actually getting better with each stupidly random heart felt things I said to her. That is what makes me happy. Knowing that I am able to help someone else when they are in need.

I am not a needy person. I do not always want attention... I try to stay in the shadows so as to not be seen. But I will pop out if needed. I don't expect for anyone to pick me up when I am down, but you better believe I will be there for every one of my friends. I will be there for their glories and the faulters... I will be there no matter what.

Sorry... off course... oh well.... one day I will be back in the swing of things... with blogging and keeping in contact with all my friends more.... But as for right now... it is past my bed time.... me in bed before 1am... that is crazy!!!!

Much love to you all!