Friday, January 23, 2009

nothing about nothing

So today was my first day as a newly fired person. I think that it takes a dig at my ego. Not that I thought that I was untouchable, but that I never thought I would ever really get fired. But I guess I always new it was coming.

Just before I went back to work in November I talk to a few people about how I thought that my office would treat me like crap. Put me in a position that I would hate, treat me differently, and even try to get me to quit. Well, if I look back everything they did from the time I got back until their final decision yesterday screams volumes of how true that was. I took a new position and took on additional responsibilities. Then I started to take over even more obligations from the girl I worked with in the department. I had took over almost half of her duties....

Well, then people started to treat me differently, like I was the plague or something. Hell, as sick as I was I would try to avoid close contact too... hahaha... But it was different... I could sense it.

So anyway, today was a pretty decent day. I was relaxed. Not at all stressed out. I took each step without worrying about how fast I was going to get it all done. I was at ease in a way. I mean I still have to get the kids ready in the morning, but I wasn't rushed to get them out the door so that I wasn't late for work.

I didn't really know what to do with myself... No work, not sick, no kids.... WHAT THE?????
So, I decided that I would just hang out at home and relax. I am addicted to a game on the DS called Bust a Move and I played that for a little while until i fell asleep... hahaha... imagine waking up being confused because you were just dreaming about being in a forest being chased by different colored balls.... It was wild.

Then I just cleaned.... it was so nice to really clean. Not just straighten up, but clean. I LOVE a clean house. I picked up the kids and the highlight of our day was going thru one of those automated car washes... The kids love those things! Came home, had McDonalds for dinner and now my niece is over for the night.

So... folks that is that.... Nothing to write home about that is for sure.