Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life.... Just Live It!

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. She turned 7. I was wondering how all that time had already flown by when my sister sent me a text. I was lost for thoughts or words when I read what she sent me.

Several months ago... maybe even close to a year ago, a friend of her's found out that her daughter had a brain tumor. She wasn't given the best of prognosis. I cried for that mother and her daughter when I first heard. I thought of them often over the passing months. I thanked God even more for the health and safety of my children.

My sister sent me a text message to let me know that her friend's little girl passed away at 1am on Feb. 9th. I was celebrating my baby, while another mommy lost her's. My heart broke into a million pieces for a woman I had never met. I shed tears for the love of a mother and daughter that was stunted.

I have been having trouble thinking of much else than the limited time we all have here. Life is just that... LIVING! We all have an expiration date, we just don't know when it is. There is no other way out of here. I am terrified of death. I never really understood why... but I think I figured it out. I wasn't really living... so I always thought I was going to miss out on something.

I have come to an understanding with myself that time is a beautiful gift. We must each accept this gift and use it wisely.

When you child wants you to color with him, do it. When he wants to play a video game, you may stink at it, but play your heart out, it's only a game. When she wants you to paint her nails four different colors, do it. She is just expressing her lack of conformity. When they want pancakes for dinner and to stay up a little past bedtime to cuddle with you... Do It! Do not pass up one opportunity to create a memory with them.

Turn the music up and dance around the living room. Sing into the hair brush. Play dress up. Go on imaginative adventures. Go on real adventures.

Forgive... move on... fall in love... love with all that you've got... smile... laugh.... LIVE.