Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hello to the blogging world! It has been over a month since I have been here and there has just been so much going on. As from my last posted blog, I had family and friends that had been coming in from all over the place. That is not all that has taken place over the past month... I swear sometimes I think I need my own Personal Assistant!

I am going to copy off of my friend Jennie from HappyMayhem and do the count off.... here it goes.

1. Well after the McDonald's Day of Fun, Liz and her three kids came over for a fun night of talking, playing and eating of the beloved Wedgewood Pizza. Most people who lived in this area and have moved away, make it a mission to get a Wedgewood Pizza while in town-it never fails. Well, it was one of those freak gorgeous days so the kids played inside and out- I can say I had a great time. My sister Michelle, from VA can over as well, with my two nieces. Jamie and Jennie were there of course, because any nice day is not complete without the horde of children altogether.

2. Then Liz and I went out to Jess's in Cleveland to spend some more time together, before Liz had to hop back in her truck for more driving and visiting. That night was a blast. The kids all got to play at Burger King and us girls got to dish about all the things that have been effecting our lives. Later that night before I had to head home with my crew, Kayla (Liz's lil girl) gave Kaleb some hugs and kisses. Kaleb now tells everyone that she is his girlfriend.

3. There was a great kite festival that took place and Jennie, Jamie and I took our clan of 8 children. We had a blast. Kites flying everywhere and kids laughing. There were concession stands, and you can't keep me away from that kind of food... MMMM, just thinking about it makes me want it. Usually I am the one getting injured in some way, but this time the curse fell on Jennie. While trying to get a kite out for one her lil men, she chipped her tooth. I want to know how that happened, but it did!

4. The weather was awesome! We played outside with go-carts, sprinklers, 4wheelers, and cooking out. Oh how I love cooking out! We had some great times with that wonderful warm weather. I actually even starting planting some veggies in hopes that I can grow them. Fingers crossed!

5. Finally after several weeks I finally got into the Dentist. I had already been on one antibiotic and the dentist took some xrays and told me to go to a specialist there is nothing that he can do. So he puts me on another antibiotic. Well, two weeks later I get in to see him... Now I have finished the second antibiotic and, four days later got an ear infection, was put on another antibiotic and seeing the specialist. He cleans out the took, says the guy who did the root canal didn't go a good job and put some funky stuff in my tooth that shouldn't have been there, and that is what had made my tooth go black. He cleaned that all out, TOOTH STOPPED HURTING!!!! and the discoloration was gone! I am so happy! I keep just showing all my teeth!

6. Received something in the mail for being referred to and invited to an interview for National American Miss Pageant for Cadence. So we go to the Free interview to see what it is all about. They take Cadence aside, do an interview and tell us we will here from them in a few days.

7. Cadence is a State Finalist for National American Miss Ohio Princess. The Pageant is in June and there is so much to do. We then had to go to a model training that went over everything that we have to work on up to the pageant. Good lord, there is a lot!

8. Still waiting to get back into the dentist to get my root canal completed... I hate the dentist. I swear, teeth are over rated!

9. Helped plan and throw my dad his 60th surprise birthday party. That was so much fun! The kids had a blast and all us kids were able to get together and get him a gas powered backpack leaf blower. I loved every moment of it. I really didn't get to do anything like this for my dad... I hardly got to do anything with him ever. So this was AMAZING!!!!!!

10. We signed Kyle and Cadence up for Soccer this summer. We got started on getting them their things. And they are excited about playing this year, well Cadence is way more excited than Kyle.

11. Cadence has been registered for Kindergarten. Kaleb is registered for Pre-School and Kyle is going to an intermediate school next year. My babies are all growing up! What in the ...???

12. Now we are counting down the last days of school, the days til the pageant, the days til Cadence's graduation ceremony, the days til soccer practices, the days til vacation, the days til soccer games... and so on and so on.....

I am sure I left stuff out, but I have been on the go nonstop for so long and it doesn't seem to have an ending anytime soon... Glad to be back!


Jen said...

Phew, you have been a busy busy lady!!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the end of June when I come!

Mr. Mcknob said...

DAAaaaaaaaang! (as Joe Dirt would say) You have been busy. Hope you get a minute to yourself soon.