Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is all falling into place

It is all falling into place. One step at a time...

I received the keys to my house this past week and started the moving process. The kids have been able to see the house and they love it! They really do!! It makes things so much easier that they like the house and are excited about it.

We painted their rooms and hopefully soon I will have their beds in there also. I got some of the stuff in there as well this weekend. It is great how smoothly things are going. My anxiety is shrinking (for the time being) but my excitement is growing.

I know that a divorce is not a usually a joyous occasion, but after working towards this for so long, it has become a release of such stress. I actually just explained to a friend of mine the other night that I know how he feels (he is in a similar situation) and that although he feels heavy and filled with burden there will come a time he will be free and light. It will be an amazing release and you will feel like you can fly.

I am looking forward to going to my house again today...