Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snap... Crackle... Pop...

Let's just say that I know I have a black cloud. I have even named that damned thing DUMPY. Why you ask? Because Dumpy likes to dump on me all the time. hahaha

Really it's like I am walking around with every bad luck charm out there. I let it roll off me though, what else can you do. Here is my latest adventure with Dumpy...

I went to bed Thursday night and like many nights when I have the kids with me, Kaleb crawls into bed too. (your kids are young only once, if they want to sleep in your bed, let them...) Well, finally I get to sleep sometime after 12:45am. I am awakened by what sounds like a snapping popping sound. I am pretty tired and kinda out of it, it is 2am, so I decide I see nothing so it must be ice rain hitting the window (my thought process is pretty comical...). So I roll over and go back to sleep.

I am awakened yet again, at 3:05am. The snapping popping sounds are being followed by some crackling noises and it is louder. Now, I am really delirious and my brain is running at slow mo, but my first thought was a mouse was trying to eat my water bottle I had on the floor. In disgusted panic mode (EWE MOUSE!) I find my phone and shine the light on the floor, there is nothing there. hmmmmm.... I lay back down perfectly still and listen, the sound fads away and I start to dose again.

To my surprise 3:38am rolls around and that damned SNAP.... CRACKLE... POP.... was taking over my room. There is no mouse, there is no rain, there is nothing... what the hell is going on. My overly exhausted brain is trying to come up with a logical explanation. NOTHING is formulating. Until my eyes lock contact with my outlet. I start to think, "that is it." That has to be it. I sit up, and I am on a stare down with the outlet on my wall. I am waiting in anticipation to watch it start sparking thinking that my house is going to catch fire.

After a few moments of hearing the noises and waiting for sparks, I have convinced myself it is all inside the wall and the fire is starting. I decide to be brave and lean over to touch the wall to see if it is hot. So I lean over, I am almost about to touch the wall when...... CRACK!!!!!!


Are you kidding me... those are the thoughts running through my now wide awake brain, my bed just broke. How in the world did my bed just break? I say, alright... I have it figured out, no mice, no rain, no fire... just a gimpy bed and I am going to back to sleep damnit. So, I move Kaleb and myself to the far end opposite corner figuring that is the safe bet.

I was wrong. hahaha.... the snapping was little, the popping, was softer, but the crackling was growing and moving up the side board. Before I knew it, Kaleb was rolling away. I scoped him up, and we climbed into his bed across the hall in the room he shares with Kyle.

What was I thinking. I was thinking. I am NOT sleeping on my floor there is an imaginary mouse in there. hahaha.... Does my story end here... Oh goodness no... it is just about 4am and I have to work in the morning... there is no way in hell this story is over yet, almost though.

I am trying to get comfy in Kaleb's twin bed that he has already managed to take up most of, so once I do, I am grateful. That is until I started to hear some really excited grumbling about who knows what... Kyle was talking in his sleep. He went from being super excited about something to ultimately pissed to really excited again... It didn't stop! While all of that grumbled mumble was taking place in the room next door was a kicking of the wall and growling coming from Cadence. (my poor girl has night terrors-so this is the norm)

Kaleb has managed to wrap himself around my head, half of my body is on the edge of the bed, Kyle is grumbling, Cadence is growling, and my bed is broken... All in all I would have to say, it was a rather interesting way to start a Friday!