Sunday, December 6, 2009

No matter what... I think the tween will always win!


I think I am going to have to be sent away to a camp that teaches parents how to deal with tweens. Now, that is a new term to me. But it is the ages from 8 to 12 years old. My Kyle is 9 1/2... going on being duct taped to the wall!

I just don't know when it happened. I am sure it was a gradual change, but I swear it just happened all of a sudden. He just woke up one morning and he had an entire attitude change... for the worse!

He is a back talker like no other... he will back talk a simple hello or good morning. He thinks he makes all the rules and he can do whatever it is he chooses to do. He believes that everything he wants he should be given to him right there on the spot. He also thinks that everthing that is in this house is his.

He came home from school the one day and I thought that there had to be a mistake! There was no one this was my son! He rolled his eyes at me... When I had asked him how his day was he told me OK... like he was a robot programmed to speak. Then when I questioned what he did at school... "I don't remember." What do you mean you don't remember, buddy? "it's called short term memory loss mom, geesh!" like a little smart mouth ass! It just got worse as the minutes passed by. He was a little jerk to me and even meaner to his lil brother!


Tibi said...

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, being the mother of the prePMS 9 year old.......AHHHHHHH You want to strangle one minute and hug til it hurts the next!!