Friday, January 22, 2010

Double Time...

Well... it has been a long time since my words have graced you all! So many things have been going on... but I am going to focus on one thing right now.... My health.

This year I will be turning the big 3-0! I have never really had any problems with age or aging. Really it is just a number and I have felt 80 years old for years... so why would turning 30 be any different?!

Well, my health has only be faltering over the years and my friend is also feeling the icy cold hand of deteriorating health. I am so proud of her quiting smoking!!!! WOO HOO GO YOU!!!

Well, I quit smoking for good back in October when the last cigarette I had tried to suck the oxygen from my lungs. I had my very first ever severe asthma attack. Let's just say, laying on my living floor feeling the chill from its hardwood surface while gasping for any air to enter into my lungs while losing feeling my extremities and face going numb... Is not how I would like to finish a cigarette.

Well, I didn't light up again. And really didn't have many problems with choosing life over death in this battle.

Well, then Jennie and I decided that it was time to start working out... taking better care of ourselves. We used to do Billy Blanks Tae Bo... so we pulled out the old dusty VCR and blow off the cobweb covered VHS tapes... and started working out. We have lasted a week and each day gets better and we are actually able to complete the workout with out succumbing to the lung tightening pain that tries to squeeze out our last breathes.

I have also been doing other exercises as well. Trying to tone all the areas that sure do need it. ha ha ha ha!!! This past week, I have felt so refreshed and energized and calm. I also want to eat better and less, so I have begun to do that as well.

I truly plan to stick with this... Not only would I like to look good and lose some weight...I want to be healthier!

Well, off to relax! Much love to you all!


Melinda said...

you go girl!!!!! work that booty!! I love working out I feel so much better and full of energy after. I too need to quit smoking yet again, started back up in June and keep telling Jim I am gonna quit but I just have not done it yet, now that its getting nicer I am going to give it a try yet again by keeping myself busy with the gym and beaches and I hope this will be the time I am done for good. heres to you and a happy healthy 2010!!

Reading up a storm said...

I am new at blogging and writing all about books. I was glad to find in your profile that you love them too. I have 50 years on you but still read up a storm, have read Jane Eyre at least three times, Wuthering Heights I found more difficult and read it just once. I never liked poetry until I found Rilke as translated by Robert Bly (other translations are not as good) I have one on my blog.
I have two children, all older than you and 3 grandchildren. Ain't life grand? Keep reading.
Natalie - Hawaii

Reading up a Storm said...

I commented earlier before reading your Blog and I congratulate you for quitting smoking. I did once, then a few months later took just one puff, then months later quit again, then one month later one more puff. After three quittings I did for good. So never never take that one puff!!
I agree age is just a number except I am the reverse of you - I felt 18 until I was 50, 35 until I turned 80 and now I think more of the next 20 years, determined to live to 100. Then I don't know what I will think of age, but I'll let you know.
Natalie - Hawaii