Saturday, January 30, 2010

The start to new beginnings...

Two weeks down and still kicking some tae bo ass! Jennie and I have been doing different types of workouts to keep all parts of our body working at different times. We want the full potential of our workout. We have one day of rest and I have been doing pretty well at maintaining a decent diet. However, yesterday... I just wanted to eat and eat and eat and keep eating. ha ha ha!

It is completely amazing that I have been working out for a mere two weeks and I have already noticed so many differences. My posture has improved, my attitude has improved, and my sleeping habits are gotten better. I can actually sleep better. I may not being going to bed much earlier... but I am getting more out of the few hours I do sleep. It is wonderful!

Working out is my newest obsession... I think about it all the time. I catch myself doing some simple moves throughout my day while cooking, cleaning or playing with the kids. I LOVE IT!!!

My outlook on so many things is so amazing! My breathing is finally getting under control. I tried Yoga for beginners the other night and ohhhhh My chest never felt better. The stretching and the breathing has made it so much easier for me to catch my breath when it has been so difficult for me to do so before.

My dreams haven't been so overwhelmingly emotional for me. I have actually been able to wake up without still feeling the emotional downpour from my dreams. I have more energy and I see things more clearly.

Now to keep this up and work on the rest of my issues, then I will be all set!

There is more to come....


Summer said...

Girl, you work it.

I've been working out for 5 years, and every day I still dread it. =)

Jen said...

I'm so happy for both you and Jennie. Working out is so great...I love it. I actually get really pissy feeling on the days I don't work out. Maybe when I come down we can all work out together.
Keep up the great work!