Thursday, March 18, 2010

So far so good!!!!

Oh... Buddy!!!!

Today is the third day of my new job. YES! You heard that right!!! My NEW JOB!!!! I got my new job at Bury Financial. I started on Monday where I worked a half day. This is the position I spoke about previously in my last blog or so.

I was so excited when Todd called to tell me that I got the job. Too bad when he called he totally had me fooled into thinking that I was not chosen. His tone of choice was all down and bummed out sounding, as though he was going to give me bad news. Did he have me fooled!!! I started to jump up and down the second he told me that the decision was unanimous and that I was wanted to join their team!

That weekend I went out and purchased some new clothes. I purchased some new items to wear to work. Oh, how I love to shop, especially for the type of attire needed for work!

Well, I started my job on Monday! It was the best half day I ever had! Then I just couldn't wait until Wednesday to go back to work. Crazy I know it!!!! Then I went back yesterday, and again it was a fabulous day.

There are NOT many jobs or companies out there to work for, like the one I was EXTREMELY lucky to have become a part of. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work there and with such wonderful people. I plan to continue to prove myself worthy of such a chance to be a part of this team! I also, actually, FINALLY look forward to going to work!

WOOHOO!!!!! Like I said.... My 30's will be FABULOUS!!!!! So far so good!