Sunday, November 14, 2010

nope... nada... no more

I am really truly trying to maintain my calm! I don't believe I have much left in me after this week.

This past week did not go at all in any way how I may have ever imagined! I don't think any normal prediction could have been given that would have had last week play out the way that it did!

Someone I truly care about it being harmed by someone who claims to love him. It breaks my heart that this person who claims to love him would be so degrading and place him in such a horrible place!!!

It is far more detailed, but pointless to beat this dead dog! However, today....

Today, I have had a pretty relaxing day! It has been nice and quiet, and I have been expecting my kids to be dropped off for a few hours now. Last week, their dad took them around 12noon ... okay, that's fine... but then when i expect for him to drop them off around 3 today, I get nothing. I call him and he says Oh I thought you were going to pick them up. GRRRR.....

Now the conversation earlier when he told me he was going to bring them over after their running around... I am so tired and frustrated with being taken advantage of. I am tired of sitting back and being a doormat!

Nope... Nada... NO MORE!!!!


Jennie said...

You're tired of being a doormat...and I'm trying to adjust to willingly become a doormat.

Oh how the tides have changed.