Sunday, November 28, 2010

to take it all away....

It's nights like tonight that makes it the most difficult time for me as a mother. All you mothers and even you fathers out there, will know what I mean! It is just so hard to want to be able to go in and mend your child's broken heart!

My oldest is 10 going to be 11 in June. He is having the most difficultly with his parents' divorce. He tries to stay strong for all around. He is very much like me in that sense, he hates to cry. Tonight, he came out of bed a few times and I just knew there was something wrong... I knew he was upset. About 10 minutes after I asked him if he was okay, he came back out crying his little hazel eyes out.

He curled up on my lap and cried and sobbed and sniffled and gasped in air... he let it all out!!! I just held him. As his mommy, I did all I could to not cry. I must stay strong for my boy! I held him and let him go! He finally started to calm down and let me know, he just didn't think he would ever get used to this. Then he cried on some more. I held him for at least a half and hour.

We talked a little about his sadness and that it is perfectly normal! No matter what he can always come to me if his feelings get to be too much!

We are both laying in the living room on the couches watching The Wizard of Oz! He is doing better, but still upset!

I just want to take away all his pain and sadness!


Jennie said...

Oh God...You caught me in my darn cubicle again! Maybe seeing you cry might help him to know that it's ok to be sad!