Sunday, March 13, 2011

... In the Positive

I have fallen prey to the force behind negativity! I am ashamed to admit it, but I did. I am guilty of it! Yet, I was strong and overpowered that force against me. I realized my error and corrected it.

Today I was traveling back from Michigan, with my three children. I had to significant experiences happen. One highly positive and one damn near close to killing me and my children... quite negative.

I returned home safe and sound... dropped the kids off at their dad's... and came home. I let everyone know I was home safe and the event that I included in my announcement of my homecoming was the negative event. I went into great detail over the stupid Bastard who about ended the lives of my children and mine as well.

I realized that I had shared such a negative story but regrettably discarded the amazingly wonderful story...

I was growing tired on my drive home and knew I needed a pick me up... the next rest stop wasn't far away and it was fate because there was a Starbucks. We ran in and I ordered my giant caffeinated beverage... requested my last 5 bucks into ones for the kids for the vending machine. (Mind you the vending machines there were a bit over the top in prices) Well, I just didn't have enough, even after scrounging through my purse, coat and pants pockets for each kid to get what the wanted. So we stood there and tried to compromise. I was hoping for a civil compromise between the 3 of them... Clearly, I was mistaken. After, several minutes of begging and pleading Kyle finally talked me into getting him whatever he wanted from the store if he shared and picked something else. Apparently, we had drawn the attention of a WONDERFUL couple who came over and handed me some money to get the kids what they wanted.

I tried to return the money to them unsuccessfully, as they walked away smiling and saying, We remember traveling with ours when they were longer. We enjoyed it so... Please let them go wild mom!" And they were gone. The kids hollered Thank you as they continued out the door. The kids got what they wanted and the rest of the drive home was fantastic.

That is until....

I was minding my own business keeping my eye on the total tool in the pick up truck next to me with a trailer on the back of his hitch. He would speed up and then slow down and he was driving me insane. He got a bit in front of me and then put in his turn signal. He just started merging. There was no hurry for him to. Well, as he made his way into my lane, my heart vacated my body. There semi next to me would eat me alive and spit me back out. The truck was still right next to me so there was no moving in the left lane either. I did the only thing I could. I hit my brakes and thank GOD I did.... That douche bag's trailer just missed hitting my front end. The second he passed me... I started praying and thanking God for saving the lives of my kids and I.

Yes, the experience was terrifying, it was the negative one... I should have known better than to dwell on the negative. I should have just continued on in the positive.