Monday, November 3, 2008

The Beginning

Well, after what feels like forever- I think I have finally figured out how to navigate my way through this blog and set it up nicely. Ahhhh!

My October started out nicely with a trip to Virginia to see my sister-Michelle, neice-Abbey, Eric, and the newest addition to the family my new little neice-Olivia. It was a wonderful trip and I was able to share it with m daughter-Cadence. We has a blast. We sent some time on the beach and I was able to bond with a part of my family that feels millions of miles away.

Cadence had the time of her life and she begged to move to the beach. I swear I could see her going to the beach everyday, growing up there, hanging out in the sand with her friends-oh that is my little girl. She would just stand clse enough for the waves to wash up her feet and she was stare out over the vast blue ocean just watching it, as though it were telling her something. It was serene and calm, beautiful!

We went bowling as well and she loved it. She is the middle child at home stuck between to rotten brothers, Kyle-8 and Kaleb-2. She was soaking up the attention and taking full advantage of it. Her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Eric spoiled her good. She didn't do half bad at bowling and I didn't do too bad myself. (thanks to the bumpers)

Well, our trip was wonderful; although it felt like it went by so quickly. We traveled home to prepare for a return to Preschool for her and work for me. UGH!!!! But it was wonderful to see my boys! I missed them so much. It was the longest I ever went without seeing them. I was so happy to be home.


Jennie said...

It's about darn tootin time!