Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rampant Ramblings

So I am just full of random thoughts tonight. I have nothing too full and eventful to post but I just have a slew of thoughts rushing around my mind that I would love to just get there out there in the open.

1. For starters... I saw the movie Twilight today... COMPLETELY LOVED IT!!!! I read all four books like all other fanatics and fell in love with the characters and the entire story line. It never once left me sour. Well, since most readers fell madly in love with one of two characters: Edward Cullens or Jake Black and I heard that the book was being made into a movie (I fell in love with Edward of course) I had to research who the were casting for the movie.

Well, was I oh so excited to see who they cast as Edward. I absolutely adored Robert Pattinson. I thought he was such a cutie in Harry Potter. Well, I must admit I am infatuated with him. Oh, it embarrasses me to say it, but my goodness. I would just completely fall to pieces if I ever met him. I thought my "teen heartthrob" days were over.

2. I start back to work tomorrow. I haven't been in a little over 6 weeks. And before that I was away for a mini-vacation. So, it will be a big shock to be introduced back into the working world. It has been wonderful being off and being with my kids so much. I will deeply miss that, but Uncle Sam and all his money hungry friends want money I don't have right now.

They have decided to fill my position and now I get to go back there and work a different job. Not to excited about that at all. On the other hand it will be nice to get out of the house again.

3. Tonight I got to see my favorite constellation again, Orion. I have had this crazed adoration for this constellation for years. It brings me a sense of peace when I see it. I am one of those loony people who actually talk to the stars and he is the one spot in the sky that I direct my attention. I hadn't seen it in so long and being so down in the dumps lately it kind of felt like even the stars were turning their backs on me. But I saw him when I least expected it. That made my evening.

4. Thanksgiving is around the bend. So much to do. Some many places to go. I enjoy spending time with family and nothing is better than getting together at my dad's where I see family I haven't seen usually since last Thanksgiving. But it is so hard when you have three houses you must go to-and the family pulling you to be there. Do you realize how hard it is for me to take my 3 kids to so many different places? It is terrible and they hate it too.

I had tried holding it here at my home, but members of different parts of my family do not get along very well. The sad thing is they can't even just put things aside for a few hours once a year.

Well, I believe that is all. I probably have more but I have so much to do to get ready for tomorrow. I need to find my work scrubs and get everything prepared so the morning runs smoothly.

Good night all!


Jennie said...

Families are assholes.