Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you flippin' kidding me?

This is all about me bitching and moaning... so if you don't want to read my venting, then stop here!

Today was like any other day! A calm day of house cleaning and cooking and spending time with the kids. Well, that is until this evening! Let me start where it may make some sense. As we all know, this week is Thanksgiving! That means the kids will be getting some time off of school. Tomorrow is their last day this week. They will be off for 5 days straight and are super excited!

Kyle, my oldest, has an Ohio History (Social Studies) test tomorrow. He has his book home and his study guide. Plus he had a homework page he had to finish. Well, It is all from the same book and all going to be a part of the test.

Kyle does NOT and I mean NOT like to read. In fact I am sure that is his least favorite thing of ALL time. Well, study usually... most always, involves reading. So did his homework. He was having no part of it. Every time he behaves like this - acting as though the world is going to end or his life will be over if he even attempts to read- I sit down and calmly (yes, calmly the first few times) tell him that all he needs to do is read the sections... or even just skim over them for the answers. Then I also went over his study guide with him and showed him everywhere he needed to look to study for the test!

Well, I had done this several times. About an hour and a half after he sat down and I first explained everything to him... having to tell him again wasn't coming out so calmly! I was starting to get upset. Well, for the one millionth time I told him that he needs to read the chapter and he will get the answers... and to go over the notebook that has the rest of the answers.

What happens next... Kyle begins to whine and complain! So what does his father do... the same thing that SOB (that stands for SON OF A BITCH!!!!!) does every time Kyle behaves this way over his homework.... Walks in there and does the homework for him. Gives him the answers and tells him how to write it!

NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES.... no matter how many times I sit that damned ass.... the other parent to my children.... down to talk to him about the importance of working TOGETHER as parents- his thick head doesn't allow the information to sink in!

There are just too many incidents of this behavior. Just this past weekend a family friend called him out on his behavior, this time with Kaleb (the youngest). I said something today (as well as just about every other day of my existence) about his actions with Cadence.

We talked about joint parenting when we finalize our divorce (yes that is my big hidden piece of info) but with this behavior I will lose control of my children so fast that I won't know where I will be standing most days!

I mean he even does this over simple things... but to me each time he does this it is a BIG deal!!! I am losing my mind. Kaleb is starting to become a little more uncontrollable each day. Kyle and Cadence don't listen to a thing I say. I am tired of having to raise my voice to them... I hate it!!!

No matter what I do... he goes back behind me and lets them do what they wanted to do, gives them what they wanted to eat, or whatever may be the case! I want to pull out my hair!!!!



Melinda said...

I wish I had some advice for you. all I can say is you are 100% right!