Friday, November 20, 2009

bored and blocked....

So... I have been battling with a severe case of writers block. It has been a painful one... because although I can't seem to find the words I want to write; the desire to write is still there and growing stronger everyday. It is like a super overload of wanting to write.

Well, today was a nice day. I decided to be a cool mom for today! Woke the kids up, got them ready for school and off they went. Kaleb and I decided to go out and about... I needed to get my inhalers refilled and do a little light shopping (had to get hair dye- :P). Then we went to get the little man's hair cut, he needed it. Then we were off to steal Cadence and Kyle from school... so we could go to lunch. It was great! They were so excited!!!

Well, last night was not a restful sleep for me. First Cadence started whining in her sleep, the started having nightmares. So, I was up and down checking on her, until she ended up in bed with me. Oh, but the fun didn't stop there. Next, it was Kaleb's turn... He too ended up in bed with me! So now that they are in bed with me, I thought I might get some sleep. Oh buddy, was I wrong! Wrong to the nth degree!!!! Well, the whining continued but the kicking and slapping began as well. Needless to say, my sad little self finally ended up asleep sometime around 4am. UGH!!!!!!

Well.... after lunch, we came home and I loaded a Spongebob Monopoly game on my laptop for Cadence to play. Cadence, Kaleb and I started to play... Kyle was engrossed in his own game in the kitchen. Poor Cadence and Kaleb... I fell asleep. In the middle of playing the game. So I exited that game and set it up for Cadence and Kaleb to continue to play on the living room floor next to the soft comfy couch that was calling my name.

I was so tired, I laid there and watched them play the game and realized I needed to get my butt in action, dinner needed to be made. Well... I still remained glued to the couch and started watching Dr. Phil... and it was about rude people... we all know rude people! ha ha ha!!!!

Well, finally I decided I wanted a glass of wine. I wanted one the other day... I think it is this old age thing I have going on. ha ha ha ha!!!I have been noticing that there are some things that I like, that I used to not like... so I really wanted that glass of wine!

So, I made dinner... I swear it was the smallest meatloaf ever made. Plus, I am a dork and burnt my thumb by thinking I can grab a hot pan with my bare hands. Then I ate my dinner... it was yummy! (I know this is great stuff! But I am trying to work through my block- bare with me!)

Well, I got my bottle of wine... and it is yummy! So now I am going to sit here, drink me some wine... hopefully, my friend will come over and have a glass with me! That was I do not drink alone... but don't bother me any.... after a rough week; a nice glass of wine can be greatly enjoyed!

So, my plan is to write... just write... there will be posts that are just as absolutely boring as this one... some may make NO sense what so ever... but bare with me until I can get past this damned block brain of mine... why can't I take that block and place it in front of things I would rather not think about.... That would be great!