Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'll be there...

Just a little something.... I know (and thank God) that my kids don't read this, but this is a little something for them!

I have never been more complete or ever in my lifetime happier than I am being YOUR mommy! I wake in the morning knowing that I get to see your smiling faces and hear you sweet voices. To know that I am going to be blessed with your giggling and your whining; your arguing and your inquisitive questions; your sleepy little yawns and your whispered murmurs.... I know I will be blessed to help mold you into the amazing person you will each grow to become.

God has given me the wonderful opportunity to teach you and guide you each along your paths. I know that even though our road may be bumpy and we can't always travel in the direction that looks the easiest, I will be by your sides, holding you little hands in mine. Every year you grow older and stronger... I will still be there holding your hand and carrying you when you need me to the most.

I'll be there every step of the way. When you want me there, when you wish I weren't there, when you need me the most and when you just need to know I am there to get through. I will be there to protect you. I will be there to pick you back up with you fall. I will be there to teach you to have faith in yourself. I will be there to teach you to have faith in others.

As your mommy, I know there will come a day when you will be ready to leave my side. Yet, know this... a mommy's job is never done.

I love you, my three little monkeys!