Friday, February 20, 2009

What book are we in???

Well, Cadence has been talking a lot lately about being in a book. I have tried to get some understanding from her here and there, but she was never staying on topic until recently. We were driving down the road, on our way home from Pre-school. She asked me what book we were in.

I was confused, having our previous conversations slipped my mind, and asked her what she meant.

"What book are we in? I know we are in a book, I just want to know who is reading about us driving in the car."
I asked her who told her we were in a book and she said, "No-one, I told myself, I just know we are."
The conversation continued with me asking who she thought was reading about us or who wrote the book.... "I think that God wrote the book and now he wants to read it. I think we are in God's book. Are we in God's book, mom?"

I answered her the best that I could, I told her that we could be in God's book. That God is our creator and watches over us all the time. Although we can't see him he is there, just like Jesus.

She then told me that Jesus watches her and that he reads the book too.

That was it! She moved on to watching the houses and everything go by. Then we come to the water towers by our house and her and Kaleb shout out... Water Tower.... Where she tells me people sit up there and watch all the people.

On a side note... The other day I was removing many of my past blogs from MySpace.... I am deleting that account soon... And there are many things in there that I will be sharing with you soon....

Well, much love to you all!


Jennie said...

That's kind of freaky. THe other day we were driving past the cemetary and Devin stated that was where Jesus' mom lived. I asked him a few times to make sure that I had heard right. Yep, he said that Jesus' mom lives there in a little house so that she can 'tect' (protect) the dead people in their boxes.

Have you ever read the book einstein's dreams? That's a side note.