Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little of everything

Wow! Where to start!? It was one hell of a weekend. That is for sure. It was a nonstop onslaught of constant on the go, wanna be drama makers, good times, and some shopping.

The past week was filled with my daughter's 5th birthday, my 29th birthday, a dinner for me a party for her and my nephew (who will be 5 on the 23rd) and sleep overs, game night and some people who want to cause drama.
For starters my daughter had a pretty good day for her birthday. Some family came over, mainly those who weren't going to be able to make it to the birthday party scheduled for Saturday. Well, that was nice. Then, Thursday was the first of many 29th birthday's for me. :) It was nice, I got a new camera... Made my day! Will be taking pictures like a wild woman, that is for sure. Got a cake and a few friends and some family stopped by. My mom took me to lunch earlier in the day and it was a nice day. Then Friday night we went to dinner with a flock of friends. 7 adults and 8 kids. Yeah, how would you like to see that? Crazy! But the kids were very well behaved.

Well, Saturday was the duel party for Cadence and Tyler, which are two weeks apart, a the skating rink. It was nice, a little crazy, but nice. Well, I had been planning this party for about 3 weeks or so... However, I had been planning on keeping my niece, Alexis for weeks before that, the night of the party. Cadence wanted her to go with her to the Spa Day so, it was in the works for a little while. The party was great... the kids had a great time...

Well, Saturday morning, I get a phone call from a female relative. She called to find out why I was cold hearted. Now mind you, for those of you who know me and know me well, you know that statement was stated just to cause a fight- major drama. I am far from cold hearted and would and will do anything for anymore 99% of the time. I will over stretch myself to the brim just to help some one out.

Well, let me set this up for you... Friday as I was getting ready for dinner, I get a phone call from a family member asking me to babysit on Sat to Sun... Well, I already had plans for Sat with my one niece, friends coming over to play games and getting up early to get the girls to the spa. I told her I couldn't, that I just had to much going on. Well, after she annoyed me for about 20 more minutes bitching about shit and telling me that I just have to my- my response was whatever.... I will. Well, it turned out that I wouldn't be able to watch her at all... and within the hour I called her back and told her that I just couldn't. Maybe next time. She wasn't rude about it, surprisingly... I should have known that she would be a super bitch about it later.

Well, back to Sat. morn. I am talking to another one of my family members... the one that called and she is telling me that I just was really mean and that I started making stuff up just not to watch the other person's child. I forgot that I am a full time sitter for other people's children... I mean I can't have plans or do anything without their permission first.

Well, she told me that she wasn't trying to start a fight... BULL- she wouldn't have called. I have known her too long to know that she was full of crap. Well, Now... according to the person whose child i was unable to watch that day... We are no longer related and I am a piece of shit.... OH WELL!

I swear... all of this the hour before I had to get to the skating party for my daughter... Not going to ruin my day. I had to block her texts because she was becoming ridiculous... But just before I did that, she sent me a message stating that she was bringing her child to the party but just because we are in the same building it gives me no right to speak to her.... UMMM.... don't think so. I told her that if she can't behave as an adult should, then not to come....

So, Monday, the kids didn't have school and the one relative that called me cold hearted had plans to take my son to lunch... well she came and completely ignored MY home... not hers.... MINE! I have had it with the super drama makers... I say they can live off of each other and their own drama... I am done and will not be a part of it anymore.

So, anyway- Cadence's Spa Day was the best... My mother in law and I took the girls and were able to watch for a few and take come pictures. It was so cute. They got little robes... punch, cookies, and pedicure, manicure, designs on their nails, and a chocolate kiss facial. Too cute... Let me tell you! They may be having a mommy and me day for mother's day... you bet I will be going to that!!!!

Well, I need to go pick up Cadence and Kaleb from school.... hope you enjoyed the pictures!