Monday, September 14, 2009

good grief

Dreams are so insane! Sometimes, I really wonder what goes through my mind before I go to sleep. Well, I remember clearly the thoughts I was thinking last night before I went to sleep, and they had NO part in what I dreamt.

My wild fantasy mind was working overtime last night. Ohhh, my newest actor heart throb is Alexander Skarsgard (yum). I know, I am almost 30 years old and the mother of three... but that man makes my blood pump.

Well, that was who I was thinking of before I finally met with the sandman's demands. Yet, my dreams were far more odd. I usually have paranoid and anxiety ridden dreams, so that wasn't out of the ordinary for me. And in this one I was far more calm and helped to rectify the issue.

I had dreamt that I had gotten my two oldest on the bus for school, that my youngest was in the living room watching cartoons and there were all these really extremely buff men all around my house. What were they doing, you wonder... they were "pretending" to be doing yard work. There were some with bags, and rakes, and mulch, and a push mower. A couple were standing in my neighbors yard, like it was a daily occurrence for such a scene in my yard. Then I seen a couple of them start to sneak by my fence talking about how someone was coming. But this person never came.

I walked into my house, completely confused. There was a man sitting on my couch next to my son, he was in jeans and a tight t-shirt and a gun holstered to his side. (My dreams are very vivid- sometimes too vivid) He stood up and was super polite, asked me if I would mind him searching my house. He stated that there was an escaped con on the loose and he was noted as heading this way. They had seen him cutting through some yards (the cops were also hiding out in a vacant house behind me, watching and waiting for this guy) and he was close to coming around to the front of my property when he vanished. They believed he had gotten into my backyard, which was completely searched and turned up empty. The think he had entered the house.

I told him to do whatever he needed to and if I should take my son and run like hell. He told me that my best bet was to behave as though I had people at my house often doing work as such and to behave as though I was going about my daily life... no worries. So, I went to check my back door, it was unlocked (i thought, damn kids) and it wasn't completely shut. I went back to tell the officer this. He asked to check the upstairs and down and I told him all of the places that may look like nothing but to search because they were easy to hide in.

Well, I went and stood in my kitchen and was looking out the window. Well, from my house to the actual house behind me, there is no way to see into each others houses, however, dreams don't always follow those guidelines. There was an officer (someone I really do know) pulling his shirt down showing a woman his complete six pack. He noticed me watching and we both started laughing.

At some point he made his way over and asked how I was. Asked where my wedding ring was, I told him I was divorced and then I said, So it is always protocol to flash people. (oddly something we would really talk about in my awake world if we still spoke to each other) He told me that I had not need to be jealous... then at that moment, my son was crying in his room and they won't let me get to him. I was fighting and screaming for him to come to mommy, but they kept me back til someone had checked it out.

He had fallen and I was pissed. Next thing I know, the guy from my couch told me, that it was a definite that this strange escaped criminal was in my house, there is evidence that shows he entered, but none to prove he left. Turn just before my alarm went off, I turned to my friend and said you can't leave. You need to find him. Please don't let him hurt my babies don't let him hurt me. He looked at me and swore to never leave my side again.

I really wonder why I dream. I mean really!? There has got to be something chemically wrong with my brain to make me have such vivid dreams. To be honest, that was a pretty mild one. Usually I am running around with a gun or weapon of some form, being chased or hunting someone who had made the impression of hurting one of my children. There are nights that I would love to have a goofy dream or even dream about someone/thing of my minds fantasy. Though, never really successful on that one.

Oh, on a side note; I colored my hair yesterday. It was supposed to turn out well... of it is almost black... if not black. Once I style it and put a little makeup on (so I don't look so washed out) I will put up a picture. It is interesting to say the least. Maybe now, I can turn goth... hahahaha!