Thursday, September 17, 2009

a smilely day... followed by a not so smilely day

You know that one of the greatest things is when you reconnect with people you once knew in your past. It is the best feeling to know that you are not as forgettable as you have been lead to believe. When you reconnect with a past friend, that time so cruelly took away, it just makes ya happy.... at least that is how it is for me... I was so super excited last!!!

Well, today however, has the light of something else.... Evil People. As many of you remember, the stupid office that I worked for fired me because I was sick and in the hospital last year... Well, I have a friend who has been sick for a little while now. She works for the same piece of shit company I did. She will be going back to work soon and I am a bit worried about what is awaiting her.

Well, it turns out that one of the bitches that works there, that I once upon a time sadly thought was a friend of mine (she was also in my friends wedding), had decided to start running her mouth about things she knows nothing about. When my friend first started getting sick, this stupid bitch would try everything she could to find out something that was going on... well that doesn't upset me, but she then decided to get pissed because my friend didn't want others knowing what was going on. She was a bitch to me when I told her that it wasn't my place to tell her what was going on and if my friend wanted everyone to know, she would be the one to tell her. Well, you would have thought I called her a stupid whore bitch with the way she reacted.

Well, I find out that she has the nerve to now start telling people that my friend, who is on a medical leave of absence, isn't sick at all. That she is always doing things and if she can do certain things.... then she can work.

I swear sometimes I really want to know why there are such stupid people in the world. I want to know what makes them think that they can just do or say whatever they feel like... regardless of who it can and will hurt in the long run.

Well.... just really wanted to vent. Thanks for reading!