Monday, September 21, 2009

some afternoon dream interpretation

Well, last night I just couldn't sleep. I just couldn't there was nothing more I could about it than just lay in bed with eyes wide open, praying for some sleep. Well, Kaleb had woke up at around 3:30 am and was wide awake and ready for the day. I laid with him while he watched cartoons. I think I dozed for about 45 mins at the most before I got up to get Kyle ready for school. Well, Kaleb was still up and while I laid down to try to rest my eyes the hour before I had to get Cadence up to get ready for school he watched more cartoons... no rest for me. Well, about 9ish this morning, he conked out.. THANK YOU GOD!!!!

I was able to sneak in about an hour of sleep. During that hour, I would have loved for a completely blank brain... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Did I really think that was going to happen? That would be the day. Well, in that short time, I had dreamt. My dream was me completely in the dark... there was just darkness all around me. I wasn't completely calm, but I had the sad feeling of completely being alone.

I am one who has to know what my dreams mean. I mean, there has to be a reason why my brain creates some of the images that it does. This one was just unsettling. Not something I like to carry around with me all day. So, I went to the web and to a site that I often use to figure out my wacko dream.

The darkness and being lost in it denotes a sense of desperation and depression or insecurity.

The feeling of being lost suggests that I have lost direction in my life or I have lost sight of my goals. That I may be feeling insecure (there is that word again) about the path I am taking with my life.

The feeling of being alone indicates the feeling of rejection, as if no one understands me.

Well, I am aware of these things and can do without them in my dreams. But apparently my body it telling me that there is only so much more it can take before it decides to cease working for me.

I decided to do some research today.... I am looking towards the goal at hand... and I will not falter. I can not falter. I must keep moving... I can't be alone in the dark lost.... I just can't!


Jen Herrington said...

I love dreams, they tell you so much and show you just what's wrong or right in your life. I just wanted you to know that you're never alone - I'm here with ya - eventhough I live so far away! Keep your head up girl, Love you!