Thursday, September 24, 2009

The start to new beginnings...

I have often referred to one's life as a book. As we know, many books contain chapters... life contains chapters. Each chapter is the start of a new portion of the story. Also, with each chapter, a part of the previous chapters storyline follows into the new chapters. I feel that this is all too similar to one's life.

With every new addition to life, a new chapter is created... bringing over things from the past to be carried on into the future. Each chapter contains it's own story while still inter-mingling with parts of previous story lines.

I have also, often thought about a person's life as a series of books. Each major event ends one book to begin a new one... all within the same story. Depending on how you look at it, I am somewhere in the middle of my series. I will beginning a new book. I will be starting with some new beginnings.

The adventures that lay ahead are terrifying and exciting all in the same breath. They are many and huge. Yet, all worth it!

My vagueness is not by accident. The privacy of my new book is being withheld until a later date... the date of release. The journey will be dictated and transcribed... but with only the details available at the time.

I must say that I am welcoming the start to my new beginnings.


Jen said...

I agree...a book with many many many chapters. Some chapters are very unexpected but will alter your life in the most profound way.

I hope things will work out for you and I wish you happiness in your new beginnings.

We will catch up in a few days when I come to town.